Kevin Durant playing Football???

Well since KD isn’t  ballin’ right now, NBA star Kevin Durant joined an intramural flag football game at Oklahoma State, where he led his team to a win and drew a crowd of about 500, The Oklahoman reports.

Late Monday afternoon, Durant tweeted to his million-plus followers, “This lockout is really boring..anybody playing flag football in Okc..I need to run around or something!”

One of those followers, George Overbey, responded, “Got a game tonight in Stillwater!! I need a deep threat!!”

Durant took Overbey up on his offer, picked him and his homie up at their house, and went on to throw for four touchdowns and intercept three passes for Sigma Nu, who Overbey made clear were the defending champs.

Overbey played high school ball with Blake Griffin at Oklahoma Christian School, according to the report.

Sarah McCubbin, a friend of Overbey’s, wrote in an email to The Oklahoman that Sigma Nu had to forfeit the game because Durant is not a member of the fraternity, costing the team its shot at its fourth-straight title.

It’s pretty clear, though, it was worth it for the fraternity brothers.

“I mean, talk about a dream come true,” McCubbin wrote to The Oklahoman. “I’d say by the end of the game there were 500+ people there.. all college students. He took pics, signed some autographs, had to have a police escort to get out of there, and then hopped in his party van and went back to OKC.”

LeBron James, apparently, wants a piece of the action, tweeting to Durant, “Team KD35 vs Team King James do I hear? Flag football. I have the best of field here in Akron. Day game or under the lights.”

Durant’s happy to accept the challenge: “Set it up! My team ready.”

Pop the hood on video footage from the game..We look forward to a game between Lebron and Kevin Durant.But we think that Lebron should be spending any extra time he has working on his suspect jump shot..We’re just sayin…

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