Steve Harvey under attack for encouraging women to ‘Think Like A Man’?

“Think Like A Man”, the adaptation of Steve Harvey’s best-selling book, raked in a whopping $12.2 million on opening night last Friday.  It’s currently the #1 movie in America, with audiences and critics giving it almost unanimous praise and approval.   So what could possibly be wrong? 

One blogger, who refers to herself as The Educated Coon, expressed her thoughts about Steve Harvey, his book and movie in a post entitled “F*ck Steve Harvey”.  In her opinion “Think Like A Man” is nothing more than a Bible for reformed hoes.  We have to admit, she has some valid points, but we also more than loved the movie! 

Pop the hood to check out what The Educated Coon had to say:

Before I even start, let me say that this “Think Like a Man” book is a Bible to reformed hoes.

A woman can certainly relate to a man without thinking like one. We should be complimentary pieces, not congruent ones.  If a woman is smart, she wouldn’t have to put on her male hat to figure shit out. Only a dumb bitch needs to process shit like a dude so that she as a woman can get the message. What genius hoe thought of reading a Steve Harvey novel to figure out the male species? That “think like a man” shit is just code for “If it’s good for men to do it then it’s good for chicks to do it” and that’s a silly way of looking at the world. If you need Steve Harvey (who is a fucking adulterer, might I add) or a movie to teach you anything, you’re far lost.

Steve Harvey doesn’t know your pussy struggles. This the same nigga who dyes his hair jet black, colors in his hair line and hosts Family Feud. That ain’t balling bruh. Anyone rocking Cab Calloway’s old suits and 2 failed marriages can’t provide me with guidance or hook me up with a soul. The game ain’t never that crucial.

I refuse to watch the movie adaptation of that weak ass book. I want to support black actors, but I don’t want Steve Harvey buying bright suits and odd hairpieces with my hard earned American dollars.

What happened to mothers teaching daughters? Since when is Steve Harvey adequate instruction?

 A man cannot tell a woman how to be a better woman. They can tell women what they want, what they like, why they are who we are – but that doesn’t make you a more capable woman. If women embraced more of their sacred feminine nature, and men did the same, relationships would be better off for it, because we’d all be comfortable in our own skin. Right now you have women acting like men, and men acting like chicks, and the whole thing is confused and messed up. 

And I’d like to add that just having your father in the home does not mean you will automatically get a lesson on what a man wants. You can have a cable box in your house, but if it isn’t installed then you don’t have cable. It isn’t enough to just be present.

 Maybe I should write a book. “Act Like a Cracker, Think Like a Nigga: A Handbook for Success in the Workplace”. Or how about “Act Like a Muslim, Think Like a Jew: A Guide on Keeping it Real in the Streets While Stashing Your Paper” ? I’m pretty fucking insightful.

“Act Like You Know Me, Think Like I Won’t Remember You: How to React When You See Me in the Street.”

For starters, this whole ”think like a man” epidemic has hoeism on the rise. Women who attempt to think like men have hard vaginas and light mustaches. The day any type of Steve Harvey advice enters my cipher is the day I go apply for government benefits.

And not to get all soft, but this nigga Steve telling females to wait 90 days to get a dick slapped on your face but I thought in the bible (which Mr. Harvey claims to live by) it CLEARLY suggested that you wait to spread eagle until marriage.

Steve a fucking traitor to the real nigga race. Women feel all empowered and wanna be like Joan from Girlfriends with her 3 month rule and shit.  ”What are we?” mass texts being sent. Guess who’s gonna deal with that shit?

Damn!  Why’d she go so hard on our boy?  Gotta love a blogger who speaks her mind.  Read the rest of the post HERE.

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4 responses to “Steve Harvey under attack for encouraging women to ‘Think Like A Man’?

  1. totellthetruthj

    I bet the writer is mad as hell with Steve Harvey for being the person of the week..lmbo

  2. Educated Coon: You need to insist on your money back for your paid education and your life’s education must have been retrieved in your sleep. Steve Harvey never said he had a pussy. Did you even read the book? He said he wanted to give tips from a man’s point of view and he went to other men for extra insight. It is a collaboration of male opinions. Opinions are are option for us all, male and female. So since you say that we are all hoes who listen to Steve, well , meet the baddest hoe of them all…because my mother (I guess you would try to say she is a hoe too) already taught me what Steve was saying way before Steve even thought of the book. However, we hoes already know that when you are out there hustling to make it in this world (Steve included I am sure), you will always encounter someone who know how to do it better than you, yet has never done anything except complain or comment on someone else’s s##@. So take care Ms. Coon and when you put your book out on how us hoes should act, I will be sure to get it from the library.

  3. phildavidalexandermorris

    Steve Harvey is a coon asshole just as the writer says -nuff said !~


    well this so called educated coon is a racist bitch for using the terms cracker and nigger in her opinion of steve harvey. and what’s wrong with government benefits? Sounds like she already needs them for mental retardation. Steve may not be perfect but he is trying and has contributed to society more than this scab who doesn’t even have the backbone to put her name up there. Go get a life you loser!!!!!!!!!

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