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Explosive NBA Trade Deadline Expires! Check out who got traded

The NBA deadline went by with an explosive day of trades and frantic moves. Pop the hood to check out the list of players changing jerseys. Continue reading

Mike Brown to be Named Lakers New Head Coach??

According to Matt Steinmetz, who is an NBA reporter for CSN Bay Area, two NBA sources have confirmed that Mike Brown will be the Lakers Head Coach.

Here is what Steinmetz had to say in his report:

Brown, the former coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is expected to be named the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, according to two league sources.

Brown was considered a frontrunner for the Warriors’ job, but is expected to sign a four-year contract worth approximately $18 million with the Lakers — succeeding Phil Jackson as coach.

An earlier Yahoo report noted that a close league friend told Yahoo! Sports that, “He really wants this [the Lakers job] to happen.”

Mike Brown had five successful seasons as the Cleveland Cavaliers head coach, including a trip to the NBA Finals. Brown, was fired in 2010 after five seasons in Cleveland, where he went 272-138.

Brown also won the Coach of the Year award after the 2008-2009 season.

The Lakers will need more than a new head coach.There need’s to be a serious roster change.Speaking of coaches did The Lakers organization completely over look Brian Shaw??B Shaw if we were you we would look for another team to try & coach because it doesn’t seem like a Lakers head coaching job is any where in your future.

LeBron James and the Miami Heat have plane trouble on trip into Cleveland

Damn! We knew that Cleveland folks hated LeBron James, but we didn’t know that it was this bad!  Apparently he isn’t even welcome in Cleveland airspace anymore! The Miami Heat had plane trouble on its way into James’ home city early this morning on its way to play the Cavaliers for the first time since James’ controversial departure in the off-season.

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