BP PEACHES – Laeann Amos Part 2

This Peach was getting a lot of request so BIGG PWEE had to bring Laeann Amos back for part 2.


This beautiful Peach was born in Jacksonville, Florida but now resides in Miami, Florida. I have to say, Laeann is confident in her role as a Television Host/ Reporter, Actress, Model, and Student. Besides the obvious, Laeann is on a mission to teach young women that though beauty is appealing, brains are important. Woman are capable of being more than just another mute beauty. Laeann is making her presence felt in many different outlets. In her free time she volunteers at local dance studios within the city, helping children express themselves through dance. “I emphasize to young women that not only am I a on- camera personality/ model, I am also a full time college student with a 3.57 GPA, and a activist with DARE 2 CARE, Inc. a private non- profit organization whose mission is to help improve the educational, health, and socio- economical status of at risk youth and underprivileged families.


Laeann is a Peaches not only does she has the looks & beauty… a brain goes with it!!!


PoP The HooD for More Pics on This Peach….


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