The Dream Tells Christina Milian “You Not Getting My Money”

via Bossip

No U Aint Radio hit you with this story earlier this week on The Dream & Christina Milian. With all this talk of The Dream stopping some of the payments to ex-wife Christina Milian, we knew the details of their divorce settlement would pop up. According to Radaronline, Christina receives a good amount to take care of baby Violet every month and for herself as long as she doesn’t date anyone in the next two years longer than 60 days… she keeps her alimony!!!

According to the settlement transcript obtained by, Milian and “The-Dream” — who filed for divorce nine days before Milian gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Violet — agreed to the following:

* Visitation and parenting time with the couple’s daughter will be negotiated by both parties, but the view and goal is to have Mr. Nash able to spend as much of the time as he wants with the child, up to 50 percent, as the parties can best work out
* Milian will receive $10,000 a month in child support which includes a $6,500 a month payment and up to $3,500 a month for day care, nanny and private school
* Milian will receive $3,500 a month in alimony for two years or upon remarriage or proof of a meretricious relationship with the opposite sex lasting at least 60 days
* Milian will receive 10 percent of the Justin Bieber single, Baby
* Milian will receive free and clear a Mercedes G55
* Milian and Nash will keep their own possessions, jewelry, the gifts that the other one gave them, their personal effects and each will retain title to their businesses that they currently own and operate.

The pair agreed to the deal on October 26, last year, during a four hour settlement conference.

You should have never said it Dream!!!! Get it together… like Christina’ s lawyer said — A DEAL IS A DEAL!!!


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