New Reality Show exposes the “Downlow” culture in the ATL

To each its own, but HELL TO THE NAW!  We’ve been hearing rumors for a few weeks now that a new reality show focusing on the gay black men of Atlanta–and their “down low” lifestyle–was in the works.  Well apparently it’s pretty much a done deal because the official sizzle reel for ‘Tha Life: “Atlanta”’ just hit the net.  And yes, it is a little much. 

You can tell that some of these men are clearly gay, but this still isn’t right!  We have no idea which network will be picking this show up, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.  Pop the hood and watch the trailer, and in the mean time …LADIES…HIDE YO HUSBANDS!

One response to “New Reality Show exposes the “Downlow” culture in the ATL

  1. Are you really this stupid? As ridiculous as this show looks (and it is pretty dumb, but so is most of what is on television), your comments are even more stupid—No one needs to hide their husbands if the man is straight…There is no super potion or magical spell that makes someone gay…either you are or you are not…Moreover, none of these guys professes to be DL…I swear, the internet has created the worst kind of society—those who think that they are informed but are just as ignorant as people who don’t watch the news.

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