Health Inspection Fails: Ludacris Edition

I’m disturbed by this. Apparently, Luda’s restaurant Straits has failed its January Health Inspection. Straits is on of Atlanta’s premiere locations. The restaurant received a score of 67 out of a possible 100, being cited for a laundry list of violations;  mold in the ice machines, no soap and towels at hand sinks; raw meats/eggs improperly stored and bar items placed on rack designated for raw meats.

Are you serious!?!?! Now Luda, we know your busy filming the latest Fast & Furious installment but this is ludicrous. You are probably never in the restaurant but  you put you name on it so if the people in your establishment can’t get it together people should be fired. It looks like the follow-up inspection was in February so we will she if they get things up to par.

Get it together Luda! This is just not a good look on any day.


Peep the report card courtesy of



One response to “Health Inspection Fails: Ludacris Edition

  1. Damn Luda!I know it’s the dirty south & all but I didn’t know you were taking that shit literally…Guess I will be going to The Waffle House before going to your restaurant & I hate Waffle House!

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