Rest In Peace, Jeff “Fuzzy” Young, of Something For The People

No U Aint Radio has learned about the recent passing of Jeff “Fuzzy” Young (pictured in the middle of the photo below), one of the founding group members of 90’s R&B Group Something For The People.

Fuzzy, along with Curtis “Sauce” Wilson and Rochad “Cat Daddy” Holiday, formed the R&B production/recording trio who is best known for their gold-selling Top 5 Pop/R&B hit “My Love Is The Shhh!” The team also wrote and produced songs for many 90’s artists such as Brandy, En Vogue, Samuelle, Adina Howard & Will Smith. One of Fuzzy’s most notable vocal works is featured on the hook of Will Smith’s “Just the Two Of Us.”

At the time of this posting, it appears that Mr. Young died of an apparent heart attack after recently complaining of chest pains, but the family is still waiting on the official reports from the doctor. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this difficult time.

12 responses to “Rest In Peace, Jeff “Fuzzy” Young, of Something For The People

  1. Fuzzy was a great fun and talented friend. I will miss his voice, conversation and spirit.

  2. I am totally saddened and shocked by Fuzzy’s passing. He was one guy that was ‘Always’ in good spirits and uplifting. He will truly be missed. The Bible speaks of this life as being ‘not the real life’ that God intended for us. Our life is so uncertain each and every day. Christ Jesus gave his life so that we could all regain the ‘real life’ in God’s paradise ‘EARTH’ once Satan’s world rulers have been eliminated. Dan 2:44 It then speaks of the ressurrection of those who have died in the past, back to life in a ‘New World society of people’ devoted to ‘Doing Jehovah God’s will’. I look forward to seeing not only both my parents, but other people and friends that have pasted. Learn the ‘truth’ about these things while there is still time. Jehovah has nothing but ‘good’ in store for those who love him and obey his will. Read Psalms chp 37.
    We hope to see you again ‘Fuzzy’

  3. Till we meet again FUZZY WUZ..Fuzzy was always the same; he will be missed by MANY!! I loved the way he “MADE ” me in controll of “watching” his glasses while he performed. the amazing thing about the “WUZ” was that he was so HUMBLE while his talents truly were above what anyone around him even knew!! I always enjoyed his continuos “teasing”—him-(The WUZ) calling me Redwood (a joke about my long legs-gosh I feel like this is a dream). To the family, KNOW THAT THERE IS NO SORROW THAT GOD CANNOT HEAL. Fuzzy was a man of STANDARD, and he never changed who he was. He will truly be missed, and heaven has truly gained an ANGEL!! I shall not say rest….because now the ANGELS in HEAVEN have now gained a 1st TENOR in GODS’ ANGELIC CHOIR!!! SING ON SWEET SOLDIER…SING ON!!

  4. I have had the pleasure of knowing fuzzy for years. My appreciation for his gifts can not be even put in words. I use to call him for advice about the business as well as personal issues. This is most definitely a loss to me as well as other folks. Through the years we became brothers as well as friends. Even as I write dowm my feelings I am crying inside and out. Fuzzy you will be missed terribly. REST IN PURE PEACE MY BROTHER AND THROUGH GODS WILL WE WILL CONNECT AGAIN BUT ONLY THIS TIME ITS FOR AN EVER LASTING LIFE.

  5. Rest in Peace, Fuzzy!! Your legacy will live on through us, your friends and fans!!!! Love you!!! Spread your wings and fly over us!!! You will forever live within us!!!!

  6. How can we say goodbye to today, when there are no 2mwrs? Thank U for everything..even the Miss u – luv u….PS, please dont forget the words in GODS choir!!! YES – WOW, I said it!! As before – hit me later babe

  7. Reginald Mims

    Wow I just read that Fuzzy past. His voice was one of a kind.. I knew this dude had it, when I 1st heard “You wanna get this party started”.. I loved this guys voice. Rip Fuzzy. can’t wait to sing in that Heavenly Choit wit u dude…

  8. denita ridgell

    As I revisit this page, it STILL seems like time is standing still – yet I am Forced to move on without U. Today is Today, and the 2mwrs have turned into a pit of invisible quicksand. Wow, so UNREAL. Missing U deeply n NOTHING can measure the LOVE………

  9. Fuzzy you will always be loved and missed you inspired me to sing i will always love you for tgst rest in peace fuzz

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  11. Rest in heaven..I did not know this talented brother passed away..Thanks for leaving us good music to listen to.

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