Lil’ Romeo is all grown up

Ladies…..this one is for you.  The fellas always get their fix with PWee’s Peaches, so now it’s your turn.  We’ve always looked at Master P’s son Lil’ Romeo as being a young buck, but he recently released some modeling photos that will make you look at him a little differently.  Looks like ‘Dancing With The Stars’ did this boy some good!  He has muscles in all the right places.  He may be young….but he’s legal (21 years old)!  Romeo might get it!

3 responses to “Lil’ Romeo is all grown up

  1. Well Damn Romeo.. he better be lucky Im a married woman.. but I would be on the hunt for this one.. but he was cute as a kid so I really didnt expect him to grown into a duck

  2. romeo you are so cute but you should of took your picture a liittle lower to see your diicqk cauuse ii bet your diicqk iis lonq and black and quud luuiin to suucqk love you Lil’ Romeo

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