Lawsuit Files: Shaq Edition

It seems like this is the week for random foolishness.

A lawsuit has been filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court by Shaq’s former friend Robert Ross who alleges Shaq masterminded a plot to have him kidnapped in 2008 by gang members.

But wait, there’s more, he goes on the in the lawsuit to alleged that Shaq “ordered him to kill a woman he got pregnant and then paid to have an abortion, along with a gang member who disrespected him in front of Shaunie, as well as a renown record producer.” Then Ross goes on to allege that O’Neal “order him to break an NBA players shooting arm”

Ross is suing for unspecified damages, however he never states if the allegations he was ordered to do was carried out.

Michael J. Kump, Shaq’s lawyer, tells TMZ … “The outlandish claims by Robert Ross in his civil complaint are pure fiction. “Shaquille’s commitment to law enforcement is well-known and documented. He will not dignify these defamatory allegations with a response.”

Now I was only a fan of Shaq when he was rocking Purple and Gold but I find it very hard to believe that he is trying to have people knocked off. Although, the truth is stranger than fiction, I still can’t believe that.



One response to “Lawsuit Files: Shaq Edition

  1. Well look out for more of this…people are broke.

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