JOLINA BONITA, I was born in Buenos Aires Argentina to an Italian mother and a Brazilian father.  My parents divorced by the time I was three years old, thrusting my mother into single parenthood.  I was moved around a lot while growing up. By age 14, I had changed schools about 7 times and had lived in about 20 residences.  Rather than take this as “hardships” I truly believe that it helped prepare me for the many changes that life is sure to bring.

I was blessed with the gift of creativity.  I’ve also enjoyed sports from an early age and enjoyed gymnastics, volleyball and dance.  I’ve always had a passion for art.  As I got older, my interest in art became so focused and my talent so recognized that I was given the opportunity (I was selected out of hundreds of students) to complete my education abroad.  My planned trip to Pasadena California was canceled due to the 9/11 incident, and England became a focus as I wanted to learn the English language.A the age of 15 I packed my bags and left home to chase my dreams, but it was certainly not an easy road.  The living conditions with the people who were assigned as my guardians were terrible.  I wasn’t allowed to eat or even shower when I chose.  I learned the language and began to feel more adjusted after about a year.  Throughout all of the hardships, I was always grateful for the opportunity to better myself.  I completed my education after three years, and I was finally able to see my mum again, and it was amazing.  I’ve always felt my mother to be a great example of what a single mother should be; she gave me so much strength to keep going when times were rough.

I rented my first apartment at 18 and started university work, focusing on graphic and media design.  My moving continued though, as I began to move around London.  I had the experiences as a child, so I was quite adjusted. I was getting paid promotions work in the music industry, and everything was going great.  It was through these experiences of meeting so many people that I was introduced to modeling.  It hasn’t always been easy, I was knocked out of line a lot of times, but I never backed down.  The type of modeling that I’m most suited for was virtually non-existent, and the dead ends and frustrations have been plentiful.  I had almost reached the point of giving up until I met Dwyane Darden from, and you’re looking at the works in progress right now.  It’s great working with right minded people.  I’ve got big plans for the future nad he is my right hand. I’m going to use this opportunity to show girls that your dreams CAN come true when you put your all into it.  I also want to use the opportunities presented to me to help people through charity work in third world countries in South America, because I’ve seen how hard it is out there.

When all is said and done, I want to settle down and have a family.  I love children, and family is so important to me.



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