Big Sean naked!?!

Here we go again!  What have we told these celebs about taking naked photos!?  It’s not even funny anymore!  Our friends over at got a hold of a picture of of what they say is Hip Hop artist “BIG” Sean posing nude.  We are NOT sure if it’s him or not, but the guy in the photo does kind of look like he could be Sean’s stunt double.  Tell us what you think.  We know cats from Detroit…and they keep it real hood in the “D”!  We can’t see Big Sean reppin’ his city in the nude.  Maybe in this case “D” stands for D*** (you get the drift).  If his rap career doesn’t work out he can alway’s star in the next “Anaconda” movie.

This is not appropriate to view at work, so consider yourself WARNED!  Pop the hood to see the photo:

Sean hit us up and let us know the real.  Either way we still BANG (no pun intended) your music….Holla..@nouaintradio

2 responses to “Big Sean naked!?!

  1. oh wow.. thats all I can say without getting in trouble

  2. If that’s really Big Sean I can see y they call him that… Wowzers!!!!

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