‘Bad Girls Club’ Catya Washington reveals intimate details about relationship with Drake

Earlier this week, Bad Girls Club and PWee’s Peaches alum Catya “Ms. Cat” Washington stopped by her hometown radio station, Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9, and spoke pretty candidly about her relationship with Drizzy Drake.

The self proclaimed “Bad Girl” revealed intimate details of her year-and-a-half long relationship with the rapper. Among topics she touched on were his cunnilingus skills, his endowment, and how he left her for our girl Maliah!  Pop the hood to read excerpts from the interview:

How she and Drake met
“I was the “only black chick” in his “Best I Ever Had” video.  He flew me out to Toronto. One flight turned into 10.  And next thing you know I had a toothbrush there.  We started dating in a month, it went from 0-60.”

On how long it took to go from condom to no condom
“That’s assuming there was ever one involved.  I don’t condone that though.”

How she and Drake broke up
“I was in love.  He was in love. I’m talkin’ family dinners, we in Whole Foods pushing the cart around, it was a regular relationship.  But he started getting a little bit too loose.  He pops up in tabloids…with Malia.  Trips to Jamaica that I wasn’t invited too and never heard about.  I’m from South Philly you know we don’t go for that.  That was my DUDE, not somebody I was just kickin’ it with.”

On if Drake is well endowed–Does he take after his Jewish side or black side
“He is a phenomenal peach eater.  And he’s black and Jewish–and the black side is a little Mandigoish.”

Damn Dreezy!  Like that?  We know that ladies are throwing themselves at you, but make sure you strap up at ALL TIMES!  Maybe we’ll hear a response on your sophomore album, Take Care, which is scheduled to be released soon!

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