Tyler, The Creator Arrested:Mugshot

The rapper known as “Tyler, the Creator,” was arrested(Thursday night Dec 22) after authorities say he got rowdy following a show at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood.
 According to a press release from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station the Roxy staff contacted the police stating that Tyler had “destroyed an electronic soundboard belonging to the Roxy.”

Tyler (who’s real name is Tyler Okonma) was reportedly taken into custody for felony vandalism in front of his mother, who was extremely emotional about the incident. A rep for Tyler, The Creator confirmed the details of the arrest, but has yet to issue an official statement.

Tyler was released early Friday on $20,000 bail.

Since his name is Tyler “The Creator”,we think his mom needs to “Create” a good ass whoopin’ for him.Tyler chill out homie how you gonna get escorted to the pokey while Ma Dukes is in the audience??You should be ashamed of your self..You are now officially in the “No U Aint” time out corner!Go sit your butt down some where..

Pop the hood on Tyler’s pre arrest outburst….

3 responses to “Tyler, The Creator Arrested:Mugshot

  1. damn deez nigaz really dont give a shit

  2. walfordsterling

    Slack-jawed, boot-lipped, prognathic simian.

  3. Hahaha he came, he fucked shit up, he left

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