Sinead O’Connor Goes In On Trayvon Martin, Hip-Hop and The Black Community

The shooting death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin occurred February 26th, but his story has been dominating headlines for the past week, catching the attention of political figures and celebrities alike.  Irish singer Sinead O’Connor took to her blog to passionately speak out about the teenager’s untimely death. No U Ain’t Radio definitely respects Sinead for “tellin it like it is…not like it was.”

Read O’Connor’s open letter from her website and let us know what you think:

22.03.12 Treyvon Martin

I would like to extend my very deepest sympathies to the family and other loved ones of murdered teenager, Treyvon Martin. I am very sad today (and am certain the whole of Ireland is) to learn of poor Treyvon’s terrifying ordeal and horrified by the fact his known and named and admitted killer has not been arrested, despite the crime having taken place a month ago. This is a disgrace to the entire human race.

For those out there who believe black people to be less than pure royalty, let me inform you of a little known, but scientifically proven, many times over, FACT. Which after reading, you will hopefully feel both very stupid and very sorry. For you dishonor your own mothers and grandmothers.

EVERY human being on earth, no matter what their culture, creed, skin colour, or nationality, shares one gene traceable back to one African woman. Scientists have named it ‘The Eve Gene’. This means ALL of us, even ridiculously stupid, ignorant, perverted, blaspheming racists are the descendants of one African woman.

One African woman is the mother of all of us. Africa was the first world. You come from there! Your skin may be ‘white’.. because you didn’t need it to be black any more where you lived. But as Curtis Mayfield said.. “You’re just the surface of our dark, deep well”. So you’re being morons. And God is having the last laugh at your ignorant expense.

If you hate black people, its yourself you hate. And the mother who bore you. If you kill or wish ill on black people, its yourself you kill and wish ill on. As well as the mother who bore you.

When you dishonor the the utter glory and majesty of black people, you lie. Your heart lies to you and you let it. Despite seeing every day, all your life, how you and your country would be less than wonderfully functioning and inspiring to the world, without the manifold and glorious contributions made by the descendants of African slaves, who did not by the way actually ask to go to America and leave their future families there to be disrespected for eternity.

What are you doing hating yourself by hating your brothers and sisters who daily show you nothing but inspiration and love, despite having NOTHING, in their own country? Despite having barely a chance of anything, because of racism. Despite being granted no ‘permission’ for proper self-esteem.

These beautiful people continue to believe in and even manifest Jesus Christ better than you do. That alone could stand as the greatest reason your racism is blasphemy, were it not for all the other reasons.

These people you hate and fear ARE the body of Christ, just as we all are. Every child, woman or man. And they know it. Maybe thats why you cant bear to look at them. Because you see Jesus Christ and you cant stand the light.

Stop this ridiculous and uneducated attitude. You would be dead without black people. Think of all the greatest music ever composed. The greatest songs. The greatest inspirational heroes.. Muhammad Ali, Mandela, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Soujourner Truth, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield. So many absolute angels, sent from God.

Without the inspiration of these people many millions of so-called ‘white’ people, including myself would not have had the strength to pay the price of life.

And black youth in America. I’m talking to you here too. I love you. So I don’t mean to sound cross, I’m just being a mother.. Why are you killing each other? Why are you hating yourselves? You are the most important people God ever sent to this earth, every man, woman and child among you! Don’t let uneducated people win and take your self-esteem or your esteem for each other, and make you kill each other. over guns, drugs, bling, or any other nonsense.

You are now entering YOUR version of a sort of civil rights movement and you’re gonna see history being made in what has certainly the profoundest potential to become THE most wonderful country on earth. Because soon ALL ‘isms’ and ‘sits” will end. including racism, as the people of the earth begin to understand, we are all one.

We came from one mother. We are all brothers and sisters. And we CAN get beyond this ILLUSION of separateness. With prayer and love. It CAN change. It WILL change. And YOU guys (young people of all kinds) are the ones who are gonna GENTLY change it. And you know where it starts? With MUSIC.

Don’t be guided by rap. Gangsta or otherwise. Sure.. enjoy it.. adore I do.. but realize this.. rap ain’t about your civil or spiritual rights, baby boys and girls. It.. along with most music nowadays.. is about falsenesses and vanities. Bling, drugs, sex, guns and people- dissing. Its giving you the message you ain’t ‘good enough’ if you don’t have bling and ting.. and money. Or if you’re not what it deems ‘sexy’.

(This is true of all popular music not rap alone. I know. Its tragically true of all popular youth culture the world over).

Poor Curtis Mayfield must be crying all day and night ALL day and night in heaven, every day and night.. To see what has been so successfully achieved by those who sent guns, drugs, and bling to squash the civil rights movement. Now you all don’t have to be murdered by racists any more.. you’re murdering each other FOR them! And your parents and grandparents are left crying.

Go back to strong black musical guides who left you information in the 60s and 70s. when they were living through the civil rights struggle. Curtis Mayfield. The Impressions. Nina Simone, Mahalia Jackson. Sing back the Holy Spirit ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, as those artists did.

Forget bling. Forget “Get Rich Or Die Trying”. That is an evil message. Evil my dears is only life backwards. Turn it the right way up. With music. The messages American black youth are being given through music are not about the spiritual and therefore strong and conquering but PEACEFUL making of YOUR country into the wonderful place it secretly is and can be.. BECAUSE OF YOU, and BY YOU!!

You know not how you are adored, appreciated, valued, loved, cried for,smiled for, prayed for, all over the world. You know not how much inspiration and uplift-ment of heart you give to millions just by your presence on earth.

These musical guides will give you self-esteem. When you have self-esteem you can achieve anything. You can stand in the street as many did yesterday and change your country peacefully and with song. Chant down Babylon as the Rastas say. Rastafari will also give you self esteem. Investigate it.

You will notice, my beautiful sons and daughters, when you study, as you must, footage of all civil rights gatherings, how singing and music and sound and voice and the Holy Spirit were all employed and were so much part of the energy which moved things along.. just as running was in the South African gatherings I saw on tv in my own childhood, which inspired me to survive my own horrors.

What you listen to musically and whether or not you employ the Holy Spirit’s highest will for your life is whats gonna make you transcend all you’re having to suffer (the worst of which is low self-esteem.. or esteem based upon material ‘success’ or ‘sexiness’)) as a result of being the descendants of people who didn’t ask to be stolen and leave you where you are. Delete bling. Get conscious with your music. Demand conscious music from your artists. Go back to the artists who left you proper guidance.

This is some serious stuff and we (all manner of musical artists) are too silent on matters of enormous spiritual importance. Lemme ask you.. Jayzee and Eminem et al. Why was it always the black people only worked in the post rooms of record companies, which was always in the basement? Why was it that as each floor went up the skins got paler till it was fuckin ghosts at the top? And all us artists.. even me.. said nothing? Those buildings (record companies) always struck me as being a microcosm or painting of America, racially speaking. Christ almighty.. if its like that in the music business how is anything ever going to change?

We, musical artists are too silent on important stuff. And it is our job to be the gate-keepers of truth. ALL the people of this earth must come together eventually and see that we are one. ALL artists must stand up. Black, white, yellow, green, pink, fucking polka dot.. and be a light in these times.

The world is going to shift massively this year.. spiritually speaking. Musical artists are to be a massive part of that shift. Get up, lets all of us. And light Jah fire.. and BE lights.

Where’s the fire gone from music? Where is the love? the oneness? The knowing that music CAN and WILL move things in the right spiritual direction without hatred or violence? We must box clever. Sing the devil to sleep at your feet. Thats what Curtis teaches. He is the master of ALL musical masters. forget, forget, forget and forget again bling and guns and drugs and the worship of fame and money. Its time to wake up. We KNOW the power of music. Why aren’t we using it to change anything important?

Musicians all over the world should now gently demand this child’s killer be arrested immediately and the family of Treyvon Martin be immediately apologized to upon bended knee. Frankly. I myself would like an apology! America is a country I love and adore. what this man has done is un-American in the most horrific extreme.

Him not being arrested is extremely embarrassing and does absolutely NOT paint the true picture of of a country and a people who for the 90% majority are the kindest, most loving, intelligent, and wonderful people you could know.

Please.. ALL Americans should deplore this crime. As should ALL people of ALL nations. And deplore the fact this man has not been arrested. All Irish people should do the same. And I ask that we here in Ireland should express through our American embassy that we would like to see this man arrested this very minute. Because racism is not acceptable. Nor is vigilantism. And this was very clearly in no way at all a case of self-defense.

I leave you with some lyrics of Curtis Mayfield’s which I feel are appropriate for this situation. I am certain Curtis would have wanted to contribute to discussion on the issue of Treyvon’s murder and the condition of young black people in America today.. so here goes.. the song is called This Is My Country.. from the album of the same name.

Some people think we don’t have the right
to say its my country
before they give in
they’d rather fuss and fight
than say its my country
I’ve paid three hundred years or more
of slave-driving sweat and welts on my back
This is my country

Too many have died in protecting my pride
for me to go second class
We’ve survived a hard blow and I want you to know
that you must face us at last
And I know you will give consideration
shall we perish unjust or live equal as a nation?
This is my country.


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275 responses to “Sinead O’Connor Goes In On Trayvon Martin, Hip-Hop and The Black Community

  1. Ishmail Rajah Williams jnr

    On point,truest feelingz.

    • Awesome Ms O’Conner,, i never heard it put so well, whats left to say….

    • and to think Sinead, they thought you had lost your fukkin mind. 1Love, girlie!!!


  2. How do u know she was black? Maybe she had an ass kicking tan? And when I think of Sinead O’Connor I’m thinking cue ball in the side pocket.

    • what a load of crap. Who says the Holy Spirit and the F word in the same breath?? Where was she when the British Teen STEPHEN LAWRENCE WAS MURDERED BY A GROUP OF WHITE YOUTHS IN ELTHAM GREENWICH…where was she in speaking out the system that prolonged the agony for his parents in seeking and eventually getting justice for their boy? ( they got it after 18 years!!!) and WHERE IS SHE when the justice they got was only partial –the rest of the white youths in the gang that attacked are still walking free.

      Lady keep you clothes on and your opinions to your self..AS FOR THE EVE GENE GReat more damage to the black race : now black women get the blame for the fall of humanity ..hey maybe that is why black women are fat …they cant stop eating and couldnt not resist satan LOL what a load of DUNG ….

      • You are a complete idiot. Who are you to speak on someone’s faith because they said a curse word. Shut your ignorant racist self up. As for your comment on black women being fat; have you looked at your race lately?? Obesity is not a color issue idiot. I can’t even believe I’m responded to your nonsense. Let me just end it with a perfect word to describe you… NINCOMPOOP

      • Mrs. Sunshine

        I feel your hate and pain. It’s okay though, judgement day is near. Fear no one, but the father and be ready to repent for your sins and ignorance. Have a nice day…kthanksbye! From an educated black woman, with a body you could only dream about having.

      • Bitch you damage…..and we don’t get the blame for SHIT….that’s why everyone that hates US wants to be US..and FYI I’m black and far from fat u ignorant bitch…go read a book

      • Burn her (Lizzie) at the stake! Lol

      • When educated on your history, you prove just how ignorant you are to the core. Black women have been trend setters with our natural beauty and curves since before there even was an ‘America’. Big lips, hips and butts are what are making plastic surgeons rich. We even make fat look good!

      • Wow you are truly a damn ignorant ass… Can’t do nothing but pray for ignorant ppl like you.

      • Hmmmmm I guess there were no picnics in the trailer park today! Well since it seems you have nothing else to do how about you honestly close your eyes and think of the MOST BEAUTIFUL woman you have ever seen ……I bet she is or was BLACK!!! Fat,Skinny, Sexy, whatever the body type there is no denying BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. That is precisely why so many slave owners couldn’t keep their hands off of their slaves male and female I’m guessing you can read look it up.


      • Damn….you are way dumber than you sound. It’s a tragedy.

      • Lizzie…Check out your history…the oldest remains were noted to be found in Africa. This finding by white archaeologist. As far as over weight issues…those are the images portrayed, but believe me there are more than a share of white women who are grossly overweight…not to mention major body image disorder suffered by white women which contribute to the anorexic and bulimic eating disorders which disproportionately plague white women and add to the osteoporosis that affects white women do to years of proper vitamins and minerals due to again eating habits. You see, you guys have some issues…And just maybe if Eve was white she was starved for the fruit and didn’t care about the consequences…and the worst part, is after she ate it…she stuck her hand down her throat and threw it up…
        I believe we are all in need of a re-education course…white people are not all they claim to be and blacks are not all that is claim of them to be. Do yourself, along with the race of humanity a really big favor…educate before you desecrate. We will all be better off for it.

      • that’s y Alice got lost chasing a fluffy white fat fuckn rabbit, stupid bitch……..fuckyou hol dat”

      • i Will really pray for you lizzie. i Will not bash you or curse at you, I
        simply pray for love, and peace to overtake you and that you Will come into the knowledge of Christ. There are fat people, good people, and bad people of all races What do you consider yourself to be? when you speak, i hear sadness, low self esteem, and ignorance. What color am i? doesn’t matter. Im simply Gods child. I love you with the love of Christ,. that’s the only thing that’s gonna change your heart.

      • The parents of the boy in Greenwich deserved justice too. Perhaps if the Internet had been a tool for them, they could have garnered more support and received justice swiftly and completely. Today, the Internet makes people aware of things happening around the world almost as soon as they do. It also serves as a platform for protest. No one said that Treyvon was the first teen to lose his life unnecessarily. There are sometimes pivotal moments in history that cause people to take notice and speak out on a grand scale about problems that have gone on long before. This is one of them…and all of the hate and negativity from you and those like you can’t and won’t stop the movement that it has sparked. FYI- race is an invention of racists. There is no black race, only a human race with many ethnic and cultural groups. Also, all black women are not fat, those who are do eat too much…the same as any other fat man or woman. Fat comes in all colors…and black women who are overweight many times wear it well. Obesity has become an American problem, not just a black one. Ignorance also comes in all colors……


      • I feel sorry for u…u cant spell n u missed the pt…go to bed silly girl

      • You stupid bioch! White women are fat also, I see thousands of fat ass hicks daily only difference is you all look like you have been smackEd in the ass with a large pan! Hints those disgusting figures! Ha! Sorry to the good white people. I actually like them! This bitch just made me go there!

      • I will pray for you!

      • Do you recall the song Black Boys on mopeds, she has been aware from the start. She is only speaking her heart, not running for office. What happened to Stephen Lawrence was disgusting with out doubt and how it was handled was a disgrace and continues to be. She makes some fair points and her language does not negate them.

      • How can one person be so evil and full of the Devil? Did I mention ignorant? You should really open a book and learn some history and appreciation for black people. Sinead was absolutely correct when she said we are all 1 gene away from being black, it has been scientifically proven unlike race which was created by man. Why? White men have always wanted to keep black people down. They fear that if black people get any kind of power they will treat the white men the way blacks have been treated for so long. How would you like to be taken away from everything you know and sold off to the highest bidder? Then be raped, your family torn apart, sold or worse, then be treated as if you were not even human for generations? The way that this country has always treated black people has to stop!! WE ALL NEED TO EMBRACE OUR BLACKNESS AND APPRECIATE OUR BLACK PEOPLE!!!! I apologize to all black people for the way you have been and continue to be treated. We all need to stand together and fight as one people as they did during the civil rights movement to equal rights for all. Did I mention I’m a white girl who loves and appreciates black people and all other races?

      • You need to reevaluate yourself, before judging someone else.

      • Heyhey this bitch is obviously retarded. But as for everyone sayong white girls got flat booties.. than you havnt seen all white girls haha cause my shit is craaaaazy! And its natural thank you. Im scared of plastic surgery hahaaa fcukkkk racism and death to all those who believe in racism! I love my sexy black men!!

      • I feel sorry for the ignorance of these on here down grading ms o’conner the truth hurts ,if I cut a white man and he cuts me we still bleed the same color without love no man shall se God take eve out of the equation we all have the same father ,the same creator and that’s God the father and for u who don’t believe n god , the skin of monkeys are black to ,outerspace is black,the and if you think you came from the cabbage patch the soil ur panted in that brings life is black so why discriminate again when u down grade color u down grade yourself

        have a blessed day !!!

      • What the hell is that he/she bitch smokin?? She has no idea how black women OR black men feel about anything. I would rather look at a beautiful, heavy set balck woman ANYTIME with clothes on than see that Sinead honkey slut with no clothes at all. So she can shut her ass up!!

      • Y’all some ignorant fuckin ppl.. She spoke some real shit.. Some of wat she said was a lil out there but the point she made was really good.. Your comment just shows your ignorance and stupidity… And you’ll be part of the reason this world won’t change but progressively get worst… One love one ppls. Fuck all the bullshit already..

      • First of all, have you heard the saying “it’s not the messenger, it’s THE MESSAGE!???? Sinead has said some amazing and truthful things and the WORLD needs to think about it. What she said is inspirational and it’s about time some speaks out about what is really going on in the world! WE ALL HAVE A VOICE IN THIS WORLD, USE IT FOR THE GREATER GOOD AND LET IT BE LEAD BY THE HOLY SPIRIT!
        What have YOU done to make a positive impact on the world?? Just asking, it seems you just have a lot of criticism and nothing good to say.

        NEWSFLASH!!: FYI: In regards to Eve in the Garden: God held Adam (not Eve) accountable in Genesis 3:17 –Read it!!!

        To break it down, let’s start with the scripture leading up to that.

        In Genesis 2:15-17 the scripture reveals that God took “the man” to the garden and commanded to THE MAN –“Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat” “but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat; “but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” Following that in Genesis 2:18 the scripture says –“And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” Based on that, Eve wasn’t even there yet!! –Then In Genesis 2:22 the Lord God made Eve! Adam was commanded by God not to eat of that tree before Eve was created. In study of the scripture, that is why God held Adam accountable in Genesis 3:17.

        It’s all there….just pick up the Bible.

      • Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie…smh…ignorance at its best is all I can say. God made us all and He loves us all regardless of our size, regardless of our race. I WILL NOT sit here and bad mouth or degrade any member of the human race but I will say that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! We can carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and more importantly, we know how to love not just black people but all people!’

        Ms. O’Connor, I give you major props for speaking out on this matter! God Bless!

      • WOW…..IGNORANCE is truly among us folks (Lizzie is her name)!!!! I’m happy that Ms. O’Connor was brave and strong enough to express her feelings!! This was her opinion and that’s fine. What Sinead speaks of is in the BIBLE, read up and get educated. Every race is FAT now a days. So you can’t possibly think in your small pea brain of a mind that this is FACT!! White, Black, Latin or whatever race have far too many overweight people walking the streets. It’s so funny how people tend to hide behind their computers and say things that woudn’t dare say to a persons face. HYPOCRITE!!

      • retarded
        check the over weight ratio bitch. lol

      • Lizzie, you are the kind of white person that makes us white people look bad. I’m guessing you’re from a different country than the USA because of your references to England, who knows. I live in the USA and attend a predominantly black high school, I can honestly tell you that being thick is a good thing over here. I’m white & have somewhat of a nice ass compared to the other white chicks but let me tell you, the black girls that go to my school have the sexist bodies on females you could think of. The only other white girls at my school are mostly overweight & stubby & have small pointy boobs & pancake ass cheeks. & most of the black girls have thin waists, large perfectly rounded boobs & a proportional ass, & thick long thighs & full lips. If you are trying to insult black people-women especially- then you’re making yourself look stupid. I hope one day Jah enlightens you on real love and acceptance in some life changing & difficult way, because your ignorance seems to deep. Before you go talking about another race, please get yourself informed.

        As for all the black people who are reading this, I apologize for this white person’s words. Hopefully she hasn’t tainted your feelings on white people. Like I said, I live on the outskirts of a “ghetto” & therefore attend a predominantly black school. I wouldn’t have it any other way because I’ve learned that there is no fucking difference. I, myself, am discriminated against sometimes because of white people like this. I’ve smoked with all types of people & the real difference is the experiences a person goes through in life & the culture they were brought up in. Hell, the women who taught me how to walk & talk & pray was a black woman. Sometimes I just laugh at this type of ignorance because everyone around here damn sure knows you wouldn’t be saying that if you weren’t hiding behind that keyboard. But anyways, black people, don’t ever let a honky like this one get to you. Not all whites are like this, I know it seems otherwise but trust me, keep your eyes out. I wish you all the best in life. Blessed Love.

    • You ignorant piece of horse SHIT


  3. omar warner patton

    wow woman you got balls of steal the only humanbeing i know once again to turn satan over on his backside a truley wonderful humanbeing with lots of intelect and spiritual intunement i love you much love and prosperity from your brother from the same mother in different skin:) peace

  4. Very well said, Sinead!!! Our musicians should go back to making positive and uplifting music and instill self-esteem and love and peace in the world, not just the black community. Our youth have had misplaced values for too long, being promoted by these “modern musicians”.

    • It’s a beautifully crafted essay and makes excellent points on several levels.

      But to state as fact that it wasn’t self defense is premature, and quite possibly wrong. Zimmerman does need to be held accountable — but only for what he actually did, not what somebody imagined. Maybe this tragedy — which may incite more, can teach us to wait for all the facts before jumping to conclusions.

  5. She’s telling the truth and if anybody has anything to post that’s disrespectful then obvioulsy that person is hurt from hearing true knowledge, it really hurts hearing one of your own telling the truth, as long as blacks are athletes, rappers, and entertaining us we love them, but truth is, their more than that, they are America’s co founders, builders of the country and even now you President listen to Ms. O’conner or better yet read a book.

  6. Cornelius Dickerson

    Iam with her one hundred percent shes so rt iam gonna chant that iam a anspiring artist of soul music like curtis mayfield and others they.insirerd me in all of my music if I can ever put.out I need help I would be one of the artist out front on this

  7. Greetings from Rochester, NY/US!
    I just want to thank you for your profound and most educational March 20, 2012 blog regarding the American tragedy- Treyvon Martin.
    All week, I will continue to post your quotes from this brilliant outlook.
    It is truly a shame that Humanity is in danger from Fear itself…
    As Curtis states: “This Is My Country” however, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. states:
    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
    So it is everyone’s responsibility to advocate -for this is our Humanity.
    Once again, Thank you for being responsible over the many years by embracing, even challenging Humanity via your ART!
    As I always say-
    Express Yourself!
    Don’t Repress Yourself!
    Culture starts with ART!

  8. She spoke the entire truth. If you hate me then you hate yourself…. Plain and Simple!!! If there is any1 who has something negative to say behind this enlightening, intelligent, truthful, powerful letter….ALL I CAN AND WILL DO IS PRAY FOR YOU, for self love & understanding. ——> let’s you in on even more of OUR HISTORY!! For we are all one and my history is your history. My beautiful brown skin was given to me by my God, I AM SUN KISSED!! I AM BEAUTFUL AND PROUD!!
    Thx Sister Sinead!!….you are Courageous and equally Beautiful!!

    • You are so right. Also that hidden colors documentary is really good. I recommend everyone check it out and get a real history lesson and get the TRUTH!

  9. The travesty of injustice is prevalent amongst people of color of all races other than caucasians. Treyvon Martin is the lastest victim of the racist attitudes that are the views of ignorant and low self esteem of a people who descended from the NUBIAN race. We have been here from the beginning of evolution of mankind. I thank Ms Sinead O’connor for her up front criticism of the this horrific ordeal placed upon the life of Treyvon and this is in no way a political of no means by the populus who feel,want and demand change in the way the Nubian People are preceived all around the world. We are here and have been here and have contributed to the growth of the world not just in America. Not only is the time at hand for musical artist, actors, clergy or politicians but all walks of life to stand united and demand change. All people who have a conscious and love of freedom should be appalled and embarassed by the senseless loss of Treyv on Martins life and the sorrow that his family feels in the lost of a promising life. We are tired of being the hunted because of our skin tone and we are fed up with being considered expendable without ramification. We are human beings with conscious inclinations, views, contributions to society and leaders of countries within a country. AFRICA. Sincerely & Cordially. Jalil Qadir

  10. michelle jones


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  14. well spoken Sinead!…where are all of the other artist that should be letting their voice be heard right now??…thank you for speaking up Sinead!

  15. All I can say is WOW! That was absolutely an amazing reading from a great artist. Thank you you Ms. O’ Connor for those wonderful heartfelt words.

  16. Thank you Sinead! God bless you for sharing these words of Wisdom!

  17. Keith Ridley,IV of Washington,DC

    I am proud to read and see that you are truly speaking the old truth that the world in all corners of the globe tend to deny. As an African-American you make my heart sing in joy and weep in thought that you used this platform to share deep knowledge….. Are you really a singer or a scholared educator((smile)

    • Response to the person that thanked Ms. Sinead for using this platform to spread the TRUTH that’s been dismissed nd denied for many many decades!! I’ve always been well with me and whom is the ORIGINAL. My GOD tells me so each and everyday HE wakes me! Thank you Ms. Sinead….you totally left me crying tears of joy for being so educated. My Black as ALWAYS been BEAUTIFUL! For the sincerely ignorant….you better learn today or DIE blind deaf and dumb! #commentasIseefit

  18. Chant down babylon! I/WE demand justice NOW!

  19. THE TRUTH!!!!


  21. From Washington DC, much love…

  22. Well said Ms. O’Connor! Thank you! Much Love & Respect!

  23. I had chills reading this message from beginning to end… Very well spoken sister!

  24. GOD bless Sinead

    She said it plain

  25. When truth speaks it crush a million lies!

  26. so funny that another post said they got chills as I just shared this on Facebook noting that I got chills from beginning to end. This is the beautiful truth!!!! Thank you Sinead. I’ve always been a fan of your music (lol admittedly not your number one fan as I only have two albums) but I am now a big fan of you. Thank you for using your art and your platform to spread knowledge and love.

  27. Whether you believe all aspects of her beliefs or not. Her passion and love for all mankind is undeniable and contagious. It takes great courage to share your personal beliefs because no matter how positive and inspiring you’ll be sure to meet critics, hated and ignorance.

    Thank you for taking the time to share such an amazing post, so well spoken! I too believe we all originate from one set of parents and thus we are all related despite our differences.

    Peace, blessings and love,

    Ja’el S. : )

  28. Very well said. Thank you!

  29. This was moving and again I learned some things from her my dad is rasta so u already know my upbringing………even in my everyday life they don’t like me I know its from the light piercing from my soul! The good light I hope they take Trayvons killing as an eye opener cause I know god is not sleeping!

    • Marsha,

      May your soul continue to shine and light up all depths of darkness!!! For your are of God and this is your right. Light up the world Marsha!!!
      May we all find our own strength and our brilliant light in this world. Turn up the light! for all injustices, prejudices, racism, and hatred. Let’s LOVE………………

  30. GOOD GOD! Lady you said a mouthful and whole lot more after that. In the words of brother Bob Marley “Get up/Stand up”! Thank you Sinead for speaking up and out on the Trayvon Martin case and the state of the world in general. We need more people who are willing to face the slings and arrows of life for speaking truth to power. Ms O’Connor you have a new friend and fan for life. May the love, peace, and blessings of God Almighty be with you always.

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    I’m in awe at the beauty of this post. Wow.

  32. This is oh so true. I really think high of Sinead to post this she is deap and real. The killer does need to be arrested it shows how even in this day in time profiling and racisim is in full effect esp toward the young black men. So sad

  33. I love it tell it Sister!!!

  34. This was My All- Time Best read…Sinead you covered every aspect of what is driving Our society down…I ALWAYS believe in the …IF they are RED, WHITE, BLACK, GREEN or BLUE they are EQUAL Too…I wish and Pray that More people in the WORLD will see things the way WE do…The Music used to bring Harmony & Love to the Soul…Its just not there anymore…You should start a Movement to Revive the Spirit of Music…God Bless You…Stay Up & Stay Safe 🙂

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  36. Thank you for your concern , love , compassion and respect for the human race who are all God’s children ! Absolutely no one is exempted when it comes to death ! That’s a promise , no way around it .I stand for justice for all mankind who has been treated unfairly by corruption of our system ! It just seems to happen more with the African American Race ! Where is the ” LOVE ” for all mankind ?!?

  37. Beautifully spoken… thank you sinead this passage was delivered with heartfelt sincerity and informative thank you again for helping in the stand for trayvon

  38. I just wanna put out there that there is plenty of good , positive rap music that does in fact relay the exact kind of message you are saying that rap music never does. I am speaking about rappers like Wyclef Jean, Emmanuel Jal and K’Naan. If you haven’t ever listened to their musics or their messages I suggest you do!

  39. I agree with the essence of what she says, but lets keep the jesus stuff for the churches. It is devisive. What of the youths that are muslim, buddhist, hindhus, or atheist….is this not for them? Zimmerman needs to be arrested and music can move people in a positive direction, but this has nothing to do with god, gods or no god………this issue is about man on man injustices that plague this planet

  40. Derrick Perry

    I’m very impressed with your commentary Sinead. We can all learn from your very intelligent comments. I hope some of your fellow musicians take your lead and speak out on this terrible injustice. Being a father of a young black man, I continue to worry about him when he leaves the house. My heart goes out to the family of Trayvon Martin, you are in my prayers!

  41. This is the realest words ever spoken!! Thk shinead God bless u!! About time!!

  42. I agree with the essence of what she says, but lets leave religion/jesus out of this. religion devides. What of the muslim, buddhist, hinddhu, or atheist youth……… this not for them? If she thinks we are one or we need to be one, then speak in a language that invites ALL. Speaking of jesus does not do that. Zimmerman needs to be arrested and music can lift people, but that has nothing to do with religion. This is a human issue…..PERIOD. No god is going to come and save us from ourselves.

    • I’m sorry, but I respectfully, but vehemently disagree with you. I am very tired of people saying that religion divides and you know what??? Maybe I’ll back up and say I agree with you because religion is not the most important thing. God/Jesus Christ doesn’t want a religion with you. He wants a relationship with you. Don’t tell us who believe to leave Jesus out of ANYTHING because then you ask us to eliminate the one thing that will correct everything wrong with this society; the presence of Jesus Christ and everything He stood for. There is a heaven and a hell. There are a million ways to hell….ONE WAY TO HEAVEN: JESUS CHRIST. Deny it if you want to…Denial does not make it untrue

    • I do understand what you are saying, I am a Buddhist, but I can see past her words to her heartfelt plea and her wisdom. I think that is what is most important, her heart as it is for us all.

  43. No, I don’t agree with the swear words she uses in her letter, but that just simply means she needs a little more of Jesus’s enlightenment. I’m not going to throw out the the awesome things Miss O’Connor said for the few not-so-kosher things (please don’t think I’m dininishing it, I’m just acknowledging my own shortcomings). I applaud her for her truth and courage. I know as a black, Christian man there are probably people of my own race saying, “I don’t need a white woman to tell me about me!” Well, sometimes it takes someone else to see you and show you, ‘you’. Sometimes it takes a man with no hidden, unscrupulous agenda to tell an abused woman with low self-esteem that she is beautiful and deserves to be loved before she’lll
    listen. Sometimes it takes a person who “looks” like the oppressor (No, Sinead is not the oppressor) to acknowledge your beauty to make you realise you’re not just trying to build yourself up in vain, but what you say has credence. I appreciate Sinead O’Connor and her comments. Yeah, I could have done without the swear words, but hey, I’ll bet there are some people who can do without the negative aspects of my personality. I guess since she obviously already knows Christ, I’ll just pray for her continued correction and perfection by Christ….And MINE TOO

  44. jean Marcellus

    Wowwwwww I must say job well done my sister,I pray that the Lord Continued to give you more wisdom,knowledge and Understanding,I will continued to pray for more Ppl like you because u just Educated a wole lot. Of us on a certain things that we didn’t know

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    I love her even more now….

  46. TruthNevaSpokenSoClear

    Sinead, Sinead, Sinead…dare I say it – “NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU!” There are many who hide behind a false veil of God and convict others as ungodly. Still there are others who are falsely convicted and persecuted who are THE ESSENCE of God. YOU ARE THE ESSENCE OF GOD mama and are SO loved by so many the world over and what you presented from the depths of your heart and intellect is the reason why.

  47. Is it just me, or doesn’t George Zimmerman look ‘non-white’, or in other words, brown skinned, and if I had to label him with an ethnicity, doesn’t he appear to be of latin/hispanic descent? I haven’t found any news commenting on the fact that he’s not even a ‘white’ person, perhaps even is of latin descent (a people with their own long history of being terrorized for being ‘brown’) but that Mr. Zimmerman had just as strong of a racial profiling override program running in his head as is typical in white peoples’. And his last name is Zimmerman, which, as far as I know, is a surname predominantly used by people of Jewish descent? Are the Zimmermans affluent or ‘connected’ in any ways that have prevented their son from being arrested and charged yet? Is there something corrupt going on there or not? Has there been any credible new story about this? I don’t have any preconceived notions about any of it but am asking out of curiosity. Anyone know if the media are studying these details?

    • He is indeed part Latino, Cuban if I’m not mistaken, but judging by the context of his words used while on the phone with police, and i could be wrong, (“they always get away” and “coons”), the white side is the side that raised him. You can here all the phone calls on YouTube as well as news websites. But bottom line it clear that his intentions were clearly race related, and that the local government there is just as racist for trying to justify this already convicted criminal (he has been arrested for previously assaulting an officer) and sweeping this unlawful killing under the rug. I’m not going to wish death upon this man, as evil as he may be. I pray that God has mercy on his soul, and that justice is served, and that some sense of peace be brought to Trayvon’s family.

  48. Cavon hicks………….you proved my point so quickly. You speak of something that does not resonate with billions of people on this planet AND then you speak in a way in which you try to force your reality on me. I am happy for you if it gives you comfort to believe in a heaven and hell, but those things have nothing to do with my reality AND nothing to do with what HAS HAPPENED TO TREYVON. I love what sinead says in regards to the treyvon issue and self-esteem

  49. This story warms the core of my heart and soul. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful spirit.

  50. You really are a fuckin’ idiot, too bad that coat hangar didn’t work out when you were in the womb.

  51. All I can say is wow……. I have that much more respect for her…. Go girl!

  52. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT:):):):)

  53. A round of applause… well said.

  54. Much respect Sister!!!

  55. Awesome, thanks for telling the TRUTH as terrible as it is to know we still live this racist reality!!!

  56. How about each person take a positive step toward solving the problems instead of wasting time with criticizing…..

  57. This is the most beautiful thing I have read in a long time. God bless her for having the courage and strength for standing up for all injustice. This piece needs to be spread across the nation.

  58. Not exactly burning a picture of the Pope, but poignant nonetheless…

  59. sinead is just trying gain notoriety because no one wants to buy her albums anymore ! you stupid bunch of ignorant fools ! i’ll bet half of you think it’s that 12 year old little boy in the picture was the one who’s life was ended. reality is that he was 6’2″ and a football player ! ya wanna know why he (zimmerman) wasnt arrested ? he was getting his head bashed in on the sidewalk and pulled his gun out and wasted this guy. i would have done the same thing ! if he was in the wrong, he would have been arrested ! deal with it. where was the media when two black teenagers set a white boy on fire and said this is what you get for being white ! as far as obama is concerned, he knows his ass is getting booted out this election and he’s desperately trying to gain some votes. so go ahead and show your ignorance by jumping on the poor trayvon bandwagon and i’ll just keep my 45 tucked away in my shoulder holster ready to waste any effin idiot who wants to cause me bodily harm !

    • I’m glad that you were there maybe you should have pulled your gun out too! I’m also glad that you saw his licenese or was it his last set of Dr’s records that you saw that gave you all of this information on his life!!!! You are to sad for me to curse at you! You are 1/2 of the epitome of what is wrong in AmeriKKKa (and yes before your ignorant ass goes there I know that it’s spelled AMERICA!) If his killing had been on tape it still wouldn’t have sent Zimmerman to jail just like they didn’t arrest or fire the police officer who shot and the unarmed black male, that he already cuffed and detained, at point blank range because he was “resisting
      arrest” on that faithful new years eve out in Cali! They (the American law makers and enforcers) don’t give a fuck about us (black America) and that is why they have yet to arrest him plain and simple! Even if he did beat his head in he SHOULD NEVER HAVE LEFT HIS VEHICLE AND FOLLOWED THE YOUNG MAN ON FOOT! he was not bethering him, he was not harming anyone it was not casing the neighborhood he was walking home on the phone trying to “court” a fellow teenage girl! So if Zimmerman had been beat to death by Treyvon he would have deserved it because he was minding his own got damn business and Zimmerman should’ve done the same! You just proved to me that instead of being Treyvon Martin you are Ron Zimmerman and low life white person that should be strung up by your testicles doused in gasoline and set on fire from your crusty balls down! You can say whatever you want about my post because I won’t play the back and forth game with an idiot I just wanted you to know I see you! Now you are dismissed JuneBug go clean your red neck rifle and drink some corn liquor and think about all the black people you want to kill! Just make sure you have a gun to do it because the weakest punk from anyhood will fuck you up insure without it because you are nothing! You are the weakest link bye bye! TO EVERYONE
      ELSE I wish that this speech was really how it is! I lived with hope and rose colored glasses so long that I almost died with them on! For all my Christians yes I do believe in God and Jesus and yes I did jut curse horribly and let the devil use me for that I apologize to your eyes just know he’s not through me yet (or you either for that matter otherwise you wouldn’t still be here!) I have just come to the conclusion that as black people we are expecting to much from a country that was built on land stolen from it’s natives by founders who stole people from their native lands to build it up for free!

    • @alcoholic you better get fucking ready to use it cause that what’s fixing to happen! I think blacks people need to get this respect one way or another! Black panther style !!!!!! No justice no peace for the white racist people. Its time to let them have it.I predict some riots in the near future!


  61. I was in tears when you eloquently spoke about how beautiful we are. It just proves that you have cultural sensitivity that America lacks terribly. Thank you Sinead for your courage and beautiful spirit.

  62. Being multi races, I do think its sad tht this young man died. Its even sadder tht his death wuz justified by the police department, now had tarvon & zimmerman been reversed poor travon would have been arrested the night it happened but as u c we will never b equal an thts sad but to travons family I am very sorry u have to endure this an my prayers r with u an I like most of the world agree this wuz senseless an un just

  63. Well said, Ms. O’Connor *bows in respect*

  64. Where was she when ….. She was HERE in 1990 (seen in this unknown dated video) singing about the death of a Black Boy in England and about racist policies and politics there. Sinead is NOT NEW this at all.

    I respect her convictions. I admire her for taking a stand and speaking her mind.

  65. Adrienne Nails

    Thank you for speaking up and it could not have been said any better….realtalk…

  66. I have always loved your music Ms. O’conner, i remember where I was and what I was doing when i heard been around the world. I now have a new respect for your mind and your heart. You just poured out a letter of such pure love that anyone reading this should feel the tangible evidence of their ability and importance in this universe. Our youth ate being lead down a misguided path and we parents have a job ahead of us to show them what we are made of, of what we have risen out of. Thank you again for your time and thought that you put in to express these details and thoughts. This letter will be ridiculed by those that hate your message. I wish it could be entered as a teaching tool to our youth.

  67. Black people murder other people in this country every, single day. In this instance, a HISPANIC man murdered a black guy. Was it wrong? Absolutely! But the only reason this murder is getting so much press is because the media has turned it into “racist white guy kills black kid”. He wasn’t white! The majority of black people in this country are criminals. People are murdered every day in the U.S.A. Every murder is UNJUST. Why is this one getting so much attention? Stop trying to turn everything into a race issue!

    • that’s pure ignorance. its not about color, it’s about an injustice. and for the record, there are plenty of criminals in ALL RACES! your comment is unresearched, not to mention prejudice. it shows your comment complete stupidity. love you with the love of Christ.

    • Ummm. As an educated Black Woman I thinly your comment is the reason why we have so many issues in this Country. The situation wad injustice and we want justice. the majority of Black peope are criminals is like saying the majoirty of black people are on welfare. Please check your facts before you make anymore comments on anyone else’s website. Dumest statement of the slay award goes to you!!!!!

    • The majority of blacks are criminals? Wow….when the prison system is majority white? There are criminals in every race. You are beyond ignorant. Its not about a white man or whatever he is killing a black boy….you dummy! It’s about nothing being done about it. Zimmerman should have followed what the 911 operator told him to do instead of taking the law in his own hands. That’s what the issue is!

      • when was the last time you were in prison ??? at least 75% of all county/city jails and federal prisons are black folks ! white ppl. my ass ! you can look up the statistics for yourself ya idiot !

      • @ al coholic I never been to prison you prick! If the prison system is not majority white, then like i said its criminals of every race. And I love gaining knowledge. Which is why my degree will be complete in May. Its sad that this world passes stereotypes on black people. Yes, there are some blacks who are bad, but we all aren’t. I listened to the tapes. Zimmerman was told not to follow this boy. He did anyway. So, you go bother someone then claims self-defense??? Stop it!! He choose to bother him. He could have waited for the police to arrive. Why he get out the car, if he thought he was doing something wrong follow him, but why go near someone you thing is causing you a threat?? You are just a typical redneck who seems to think whites are so much superior and do no wrong. But ultimately you folk have God to answer to for all this hatred you spew on people who have no choice to be the color that they are just as well as you didnt…Have a good night bitter white man!!


        re77 -RE:”Its not about a white man or whatever he is killing a black boy….you dummy! It’s about nothing being done about it. “…your comment nailed it! I KEEP SAYING THAT TOO. people keep talking about black on black crime we are talking about THIS case and why does it seem they think its ok because SOME blacks have committed crimes?? this boy deserves justice too.. if he was white or other i still would say the same!

    • I agree with you Amy! All I’m hearing is how a white guy killed a black guy & got away with it. This guy isn’t even white! Not that it should matter. As you said, ALL MURDER IS UNJUST. It’s funny how black people are so riled up over this tragedy (and yes, it’s a tragedy) but they don’t seem to care when a black guy murders someone, which happens, oh, about every 5 seconds in this country!

      • Megan another hillbillie on here. Save your racist comments. If you say black man kills someone every 5 sec, they really should just kill only white people to rid the world of you people. You disgusting white men are molesting children every 5 sec, so not only black people are committing crimes trailer park trash!

    • Stupid bitch Amy most young white people in this country are meth addicts, so whats your point hillbilly!

    • “Most Asians are really aleins!!! For real, you can look it up!” -UpstateNY purwhteguy

    • Natola Hawthorne

      This is different because the cops tried to cover it up. That child laid in the morgue for 3 days unidentified, when the cops had his cellphone, which was ringing off the hook, because his dad was looking for him. That’s when it became racial. Stop looking for a reason to justify what happened to this child. As far as the majority of Black people are criminals, that makes me lol and I will not entertain you and your ignorance. Again you are looking to pick a fight that you are not equipped to handle.

    • Lol, how old are you? Sweetheart you may want to read a book or two (probably more) the majority of blacks in this country are criminals? Which one of your racist parents taught you that? Just to give you another perspective, my husband and I are both business owners (i employ and professionally develop white people); and I’m sure the majority of the black ppl responding to this post have studied at an institution of higher learning. AMY, you should leave your small racist town that you undoubtedly come from, and get educated and stop operating in the spirit of fear and unjustified supremecy because you sound very young and uneducated. And another FYI for you, I’ve never been arrested or in a fight; I went to college on a full ACADEMIC scholarship and got my masters paid for! That’s saying a lot given your ancestors probably owned and raped my ancestors…..can you speak of all of these accomplishments? Lol, kid!

    • wowwww! you are the problem…the fact that you don’t see something is wrong with this situation is sad.

  68. Awesome awesome awesome as an african american women this has educated uplifted and inspired me! Thank you so much

  69. charles Davenport

    I am a 45 year old black male..she has always been 1of my favorites now she’s my favorite here on earth

  70. Amazed at some of the comments on here. As a white person it’s interesting to see that mine isn’t the only race capable of racism, delusion and illusions of grandeur. We truly are all the same…

  71. “JUSTICE 4 TRAYVON… in deed, yet let’s not forget guns kill more Young Black Males per year than anything else & its mostly at the hands of other Young Black Males so We lose at least 2 at the same time. Police call it a “2 FOR ONE SALE”. ONE dead & ONE in jail. I heard Police talking to each other & laughing about it while I was laying, bleeding from a gunshot to My head, choking on My own blood. An average of 10 young males in the U.S. DIE EVERYDAY FROM GUN VIOLENCE. Why is it a National call for action when a White/Latino Man shoots an unarmed boy but when the Nigga from around Da corner kills one of our Brothers or Sons We don’t ask the whole country to unite for Justice. WHEN ANY CHILD, TEEN, OR ADULT DIES FROM THIS BULLSHIT VIOLENCE WE SHOULD UNITE! THERE’s MORE OF US WHO WANT PEACE THAN THOSE WHO WANT WAR & IF WE FOUGHT TOGETHER THEY BITCH AZZES WOULDN’T WANT NO FUCKIN WAR!!! YOU’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WARZONE & DON’T EVEN KNOW YOUR ENEMY LOOKS YOU IN THE EYE EVERYDAY & SMILES AT YOU.”~Wise Wun Meagainsttheworld2022®™~

  72. This is fantastic…thank you Sinead! Much needed and much appreciated!

  73. Concerned Mother

    WOW!, mostly what I have read from both races is rasism…Why are you throwing out the race card? It doesnt matter what race you are ppl, what matters is who YOU are as a person, We are all children of God, plain and simple…Love others as you love yourself~Racism just means you dont love yourself….God didnt make racist ppl, racist ppl make racist ppl…enough said!

    PS: I PRAY that Trayvon Martins parents get justice for their child…He didnt deserve to die like that…..STOP RACISM PPL…Please understand that there are racist ppl in every race…not just white or black…they are everywhere and in every country.

  74. I WOULD SAY YOU ALL ARE FIGHTING LIKE CHILDREN BUT I WOULDN’T INSULT CHILDREN BY DOING SO. NONE OF YOU FIGHTING HAVE THE RIGHT TO COMMENT ON ANYONE ELSE’S BEHAVIOR UNTIL YOU HAVE CORRECTED YOUR UNCIVILIZED, SAVAGE WAYS OF COMMUNICATING WITH ONE ANOTHER. “JUSTICE 4 TRAYVON… In time the unity is going to pass no matter the outcome. After everyone pats them self on the back for “Contributing to a worthy cause” to gain fame, attention & acceptance from people who only care about themselves, Trayvon will be just another Iconic symbol of our pain in the long list of names of those who suffered & died throughout Black American History & everyone is gonna go back to the same Life they were living before they wanted their 15 “Likes” & minutes of fame for being a Trend follower (Remember KONY 2012?). I HAVE LITTLE TO NO FAITH IN THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD EVER TRYING TO UNITE PEACFULLY. IN THE END WE ALL WANT TO GET TO THE SAME PEACFUL AFTERLIFE. HOW PEACEFUL WILL IT BE THERE IF EVERYONE IS ALREADY FAILING THIS FIRST TEST & BY NOT FOLLOWING THE B.asic I.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth……”~W1SE WUNN & this is why its Meagainsttheworld2022®™~

  75. Sinead O’Conner…I’m left speechless and proud of all you just said. The sad thing is Trayvon will not be the last and fear of truth will keep some people on this planet ignorant and evil. Let the conversations continue that brings this issue and the other issues in the world that need to be addressed. Thank you for being so open and sharing this on the world stage.

  76. wow, this has to be one of the most moving and inspirational pieces i have read in years. Thanks to one of my heroes: Sinead O’Connor. enough said.

  77. Sinead O’Connor, thank you for such words of COMPASSION TRUTH KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM!!

    @Lizzie, you’re a prime example of the toxic poison and evil ignorant genetic recessive cold blooded pieces of shit that will do us all a favor if you were in some tragic catastrophic event, whether man made or natural disaster, and perished off the face of the earth…Maybe you can hurry up and out yourself by hanging yourself or swallow a bullet …..

  78. You said exactly what I been thinking all along im glad you used your big voice and also took the time to educate and inspire, encourage and point out these veiws to our generation X.You’ve adressed alot of facts and said what needed to be said and im gladly passing your on your link. I think Curtis Mayfield would be proud that his song reached so far across the globe and fell on your ears and in return you recited his very words in another and similar crisis our country is facing…. thank you from the deepest depths of my heart and for all people that you’ve reached i hope we can stop living a life of hatred and oppression…. United we stand Divided we fall……Hip Hop World please be advised

  79. Tell the ppl what They need to know dear Sista Sinead: ))

  80. This was an excellent heartfelt letter. I feel exactly the same way about music. The link below is a video to a song I did in an effort to bring the movement back to the music. I’m not sure this message will ever reach you, but maybe someone will see it and be blessed. Just know, some rappers are still conscious.

  81. I feel Ms Sinead O’Conner said it all and I as well as the rest of the black people in the world appreciate you and have now an open eye and heart to the depleted respect that we thought was getting stronger in this world. As you say Caucasian people need to understand where we all come from and as for my black brothers and sisters you need to respect each other instead of walking by each other with a grimace on your face e and smile because WE ALL need to heal ,respect and love one another and most of all teach one another. With much love and respect God bless everyone no matter what race you are.

  82. Timothy N. Murphy

    Thank God, Finally a Musician who has held the industry and Racist abroad accountable for actions done and not done. Thank you again for History many many people of All races did not know or were aware of. God bless you for honest and Real feelings on this tragic and sad act of Hate.

  83. It’s all about One Love.. peace

  84. monique Williams

    Bravo Ms. O’Connor! Perhaps you should write a personal note to Lizzie who is in deep denial and rarely picks up a book but listens to “gangsta rap” and gets her fashion sense and social graces from the likes of a “Snookie” and “Kim Kardashian”….

  85. WOW – #SineadOconnor got up on the #PROPER side of bed today! #trayvon #enlightened

  86. I applaud Sinead O’Coonor for speaking out on justice for Trayvon Martin. I always post songs of Curtis Mayfield
    s o people can wake -UP. Ur right Curtis is turning over in grave because people is not hearing. I Thank you. Much love n respect for you.

  87. Simple beautiful… This is lovely as a parent should speak to a child and as a educator should speak to a student!

  88. I’m going to skip responding to the ignoramus in the comments section because she’s clearly trying to take the positive attention this beautiful letter should be receiving.

    I normally think of Sinead O’Connor as an iconoclastic-type, albeit world-concious, musician. In fact, I’m almost ashamed to say, I winced just a little when I learned that she had spoken out about Treyvon and the “black community”. I mistakenly assumed it was going to be some chastizement of blacks as a whole for not teaching our youth that walking around in hoodies is a bad idea or something. Forgive me, but I’ve heard many a celebrity put their foot in their mouth when trying to speak on a topic they may feel passionately about, but about which they may not be fully informed. Not only was I pleasantly surprised to find that this letter was one offering condolences to Treyvon’s parents AND the black community, but it was inspirational and it (she) also echoed my thoughts on several topics including the most pressing one.

    So, thank you, Sinead, for doing what I think our black celebrities should have done long ago and what I hope to see more of in the future. I hope that this serves as a jumping off point for other artists and us regular Joe’s. If there was never a reason before for us to get up and do something about the injustices of the world in which we live, there certainly is now.

  89. Beautifully said !!! Amen

  90. amazing, inspiring and deeply moving. Feeling her pain, love and passion.

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  92. I get the impression she doesn’t understand that there’s this whole “Stand Your Ground” law that’s keeping Martin’s killer from being arrested….

    Also, going after rap music as a genre? What the hell?

    • No she does not understand because she is not from America, but the point is important. Most of the big rap that is exported outside of the states is as she says and does not paint a positive image. She is speaking from a different cultural perspective but from one humane heart.

      • Totally legit target. Hip Hop has been infected with materialism and anti-social messages for about two decades. I remember when it was about society, life and fun. Now it’s about the individual, struggle, and money. Instead of affirming the value of your experience, it tells you “your life isn’t as good as mine because you don’t have money, cars, jewelry, bitches and a former life of crime.” That’s a complete 180-reversal of values, that is caused by/coincides with industry control and commercialization.

        To say she “doesn’t understand hip-hop” is a stretch, and saying only “big rap is exported out of the States” only makes it worse. That tacitly acknowledges that NOTHING positive is coming out of the US, and even worse, those popular voices of negativity are drowning out what NEEDS to be heard.

        Hip Hop needs to clean itself up – not in the sense of censorship, but in the sense of taking responsibility for what it puts out there, and that means taking ownership of the art-form again. That means we also need to support independent and underground artists who’ve been making quality music for years, but who get no play because they don’t worship at the altar of materialism and selfishness. Buy their music, especially if they’ve been brave enough to press and promote it themselves.

        We’ve gotta stop fooling ourselves into thinking that hip-hop’s current message isn’t being internalized and manifested in the behavior of our youth. We’ve also gotta stop pretending it’s unnatural for “outside observers” to hear pop rap lyrics, see rappers, see kids imitating rappers, and (however falsely) conclude that kids are going to act as thuggish as those lyrics. I know it’s not fair, but that’s reality and only a shift in the quality of music can change it.

        Hip Hop has a problem and it is itself.

  93. James Horton Martin

    Thank you all,WE WILL HAVE OUR DAY!!!!!

  94. Extra strength

    Can we all get along!lets put down the guns and pick up love!yes we re all brothers and sisters!wake up and live!jah live chldren yeah!!!!!!;)jah bless!

  95. Renee Forjustice

    Very well said, I was inspired and deeply touched with this. I felt your concern, love and frustration. Zimmerman should be arrested for just reason you stated, he hunted and killed this young man. It is time for change we the people must bring our country to a level of love thy neighbor. Music has always moved the world and reached all people, continue on with your mission to make change.

  96. I think Sinead is bald head ahead of most people to see that we are all one, especially now in this “global village”. You hurt some one of your race, another race, another religion, you have hurt your own self in one way or the other. Thx Sinead for reiterating this that we are all from one source.

  97. We have to keep praying that those that ASSUME will stop making asses of themselves and discontinue all the hatred for blacks. It’s 2012, and this shit need to stop.

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  99. miss misunderstood

    Thank you! I really don’t know how you got misunderstood. A message so clear. Maybe these people really didn’t read this or have some kind of mental problem. That they saw other words that are clearly not there..or youare so stupid themselves that they can’t define your words. But I can and I thank you! For seeing and understanding what others refuse to. Black and others! And I thank you for speaking on these thing. Your words have uplifted me today about, myself, and where my people has come from. I hope u didn’t let those people up here bother u for they. No not what they say! My God. Bless in everything you do ,.!!!!!!!!”!!¡!!!!¡ Yours Truly ¡¡ miss misunderstood ¡¡

  100. Amen.
    R.I.P Trayvon…I hope justice will be served.


    She is on that “Charlie Sheen”….leave it alone…this is about the dumbest thing I started to read…trash!

  102. Curious, Zimmerman is a mixed race HIspanic man. His mother is Peruvian. There are also claims that he has black relatives.

    • The argument that Zimmerman’s mixed racial background makes “racism” impossible has got to stop. He is half-hispanic/white and clearly identifies with the racist attitudes of most of the whites he surrounds himself with. Just because he has ambiguous racial identity does NOT mean he is incapable of bigotry. Just because this isn’t a purely “white-on-black” crime doesn’t stop police from mishandling the case either – Trayvon’s blackness is sufficient.

  103. Dennis Wayne Allen

    To utter the F word and the Holy Spirit signifies a flawed Christian which we all Are! ‘All have fallen and Come short of the Glory of God.’ Thank You Father; Your Grace has saved Us all regardless of our flaws!

  104. I’ve always respected Sinead O’ Conner’s view on social issues. And, now I respect her even more! This woman spoke the damn truth. Oh, if only our black artists really spoke the truth like this…

  105. I am so taken back by your words put so eloquently. There is not much more that can be said except thank you for having the courage to verbalize the feelings of so many people around the world. I dont want your words to be misconstrued as african american people looking to be placed on a pedestool but only to be viewed as an equal and not of any lesser value of other mankind whose skin is lighter. Its unfortunate this young aspiring young man had to be slaughtered by an ignorant savage who has been taught that african american blood has less value than other races but we are ALL of the same body of CHRIST. I sit at home and wonder what was going through the mind of this young man during his final moments and I cant help but to shed tears knowing that he gave his life for nothing more than being a different skin color. The only comfort is knowing that through his sacrifice people like you will continue to spread the message that we all are of equal value. As an afircan american I do not wish to see my people take this as an opportunity to place blame for all of their hardships and despair because although there are obstacles for us to overcome some of use the race card as an excuse for mediocricy. Even though there is racism playing a part in everything we do there still needs to be a sense of pride within our race to at least make an effort to perservere through the challenges that we face. We first need to become more spirtually grounded and in touch with our GOD (whatever that might mean to us individually) so that we can be consumed with the understanding of FAITH and LOVE OF MANKIND. Our ancestors have given their lives for us to have every opportunity that is available to us and I think its time we continue pushing forward so that our children can have greater opportunities than we do. We need to look within ourselves to find a way to stop the GENOCIDE among our race and learn to have the same amount of LOVE for eachother without this type of TRAGIC circumstance being a factor. By no mean do my words excuse the actions of GEORGE ZIMMERMAN because I am on fire inside and I want to hunt him down personally to inflict pain on him to witness the same fear TRAYVON experienced however HE WILL PAY FOR HIS ACTIONS! I realize this battle is far too BIG for my words to change the minds of an entire human race but I figure if I can touch just one individual an allow then to see how valuable every human being is to this earth then I have done my part. GOD BLESS U MS. O’CONNOR & U 4EVER HAVE A FAN IN ME! RIP TRAYVON MARTIN…..YOU ARE ALL OF US!


  107. Roderick English Sr

    Rarely do we see something so bold, so honest, so heartfelt written by a celebrity. I commend you Mrs O’connor. This incident, I pray becomes a wake up call for our youth and adults alike. Change is needed, change is coming, change is what we are literally dying for…Please Lord let this be the launching pad for the change we so desperately need.

  108. Food for thought

    You have always spoke out loud and clear against injustice Sinead, I applaud your actions on the injustice of the young brother Trayvon Martin has well. I can still remember when u burned the picture of the Pope, my sister you do have nerve of pure steel. The cowards scream obscenity in their efforts to silence you but they are unheard by the ears of the wise. I also applaud your efforts of attempting to have others speak out concerning the injustice of this young man’s murder. Some times when we have attained some form of success (or as you put it, bling), we forget where we came from, and those we left behind. We know of the injustice that continuously plague our people in this country but we turn blind eyes and pretend that we have overcome, we’re equal. Money doesn’t buy equality, only love, truth, peace, freedom and justice purchase equality. When people stop fearing God they lose all respect for humanity. No rational reasoning can explain or justify the actions of non God fearing people. There is no peace in this person and neither can be at peace whom he concerns himself with. So again I commend you for calling out to those in prestige positions to establish unto themselves decent principles of action and forever act according to them. We thank you and others around this globe for speaking out and taking interest in our struggle , for it is truly the world’s struggle. When we get it right in America we will get it right throughout the world. There is much truth to be learned concerning so-called blacks and our place in this world. Most intelligent people know but they deceive the so-called educated and the ignorant. One truth Ms. O’Connor is that all of us didn’t come here on a slave ship. We were here long before the slave trade and we were free, but this to has been hidden. However, this is not for a history lesson it is to say thank you for once again speaking out and employing others to do the same. I’m sure u already know of the backlashing you’re going to receive from some of your ignorant brothers and sisters…. But just know, our ears are deaf to them. Get doing your thing Sinead, and may God smile on you.

  109. Thank u so much for these much needed words! God bless us all

  110. Mercy! Ms. O’Conner said it ALL right there!! Thank you for the live and respect they only a true Christian could know about! Hats off to you my love!!!!

  111. Around Blacks Never Relax

    I agree with George Zimmerman! White brothers take up your arms and eradicate this disgusting infestation of niggerdom!

    • Natola Hawthorne

      LMBO!!!! You and your kind hide behind computers instea of your sheets. As Zimmerman will go down, you will go down if you try to “eradicate this disgusting infestation of Black folk.” Trust me, we are waiting for you to try it, please make our day.

  112. Interesting concept, you should really travel more. See the world and how few of you there are in it. And by the way, I am not speaking of the color of your skin.

  113. All this hatered and racism been thought. No one is born in the world knowing nothing about anyone, to make a decisions on how they are.

  114. Fresh for the ear.

  115. Respect Sinead. But this is has been said so many times but they do not listen.

  116. This was absolute beautiful post and I thank her for stating what so many people refuse to admit. This murder is an injustice and the world should he outraged and stand up and against hatred!!

  117. I appreciate that your passion in reaching not only the black youth(17-25) but all youth. This once senseless crime has united a nation -to the daily travesty that occur in the community of people of color each and every day. I think that through this young black American he will leave an important mark-that people has been on notice that senseless crimes like this is a struggle with every community with youth of color-may the youth in this nation realize you Are A Very Important Part in Change! Keep in mine though your struggle is long and the weight is heavy if you keep stepping the road that you pave the miles of people you will carry. Let this be a wake up call to us all-that our life has a meaning-prayer and a belief in something positive is a start .How you run or walk the race is the foundation you have. Make it count for something worth something. Learn more, apply your self a little more each and every minute . And say a pray each and very hour until you have chance and some. May god keep those that want to be kept , and those that don’t may he start with them. In Jesus name. All In agreement say Amen.

  118. I thank you Ms.O’Conner. I’ve been saying this for years. And I know sometthing big is getting ready to go down in the next few years because of the way the world is today. Yes we all need to make a stand together. Teach our youth the Basic of life and love. You said it all. Tqhe people that don’t like what you said, we just have to keep praying for them. I pray that the Martin family get quick justice for their angel. I pray that the world is looking at all deaths and want to do their part in stopping them, oneless dead oneless in jail, one more to do great things in the world. As for our artist, music is the big key to lifes happines,. Sing of Love not War. Thank you for telling it like it is. I love my Black People, I love all people. We all need Jesus Or some Higher Power.

  119. “JUSTICE 4 TRAYVON… in deed, yet let’s not forget guns kill more Young Black Males per year than anything else & its mostly at the hands of other Young Black Males so We lose at least 2 at the same time. Police call it a “2 FOR ONE SALE”. ONE dead & ONE in jail. I heard Police talking to each other & laughing about it while I was laying, bleeding from a gunshot to My head, choking on My own blood. An average of 10 young males in the U.S. DIE EVERYDAY FROM GUN VIOLENCE. Why is it a National call for action when a White/Latino Man shoots an unarmed boy but when the Nigga from around Da corner kills one of our Brothers or Sons We don’t ask the whole country to unite for Justice. WHEN ANY CHILD, TEEN, OR ADULT DIES FROM THIS BULLSHIT VIOLENCE WE SHOULD UNITE! THERE’s MORE OF US WHO WANT PEACE THAN THOSE WHO WANT WAR & IF WE FOUGHT TOGETHER THEY BITCH AZZES WOULDN’T WANT NO FUCKIN WAR!!! YOU’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WARZONE & DON’T EVEN KNOW YOUR ENEMY LOOKS YOU IN THE EYE EVERYDAY & SMILES AT YOU.”

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  122. Sinead O’Connor – God bless, guide, protect and keep you always. Powers!

  123. And for the racist or white supremist your skin may be white but your slaves to a black heart.(smh)

  124. I am soooo inspired

  125. Man, she did go all the way n! Wow salute to u Ms./Mz. Conner. I luv it!

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  127. I was shot in the at age 16. Since then I’ve all I can to speak to any & everyone that will listen, learn, & understand guns, gangs, drugs, racism, prejudice, & various topics which destroy is all. Unless you work year round diligently to make this world better you have no right to point fingers at anyone but yourselves. I had a group of 10 to 16 year olds that I mentor read all of your comments & they thought the comments some you made were below their maturity level. I hope none of you spread the ignorance which breeds situations such as this.


    I think it is truly sad that we are in the year 2012 and racism still exist. I am certainly appauled by some of the ignorance I have read on the comments. I believe that no matter how fueled we become by the ignorance of others, we have to remember we are in control of no one but ourselves. We can not display an equivalence of ignorance. We have to learn to embrace one another and just say GOD BLESS YOU! Ms. O’Conner obviously had somethings on heart that she felt the need to release. All praises to her for having the courage to speak out about this situation. So many people are afraid to speak on this matter out of a fear of some type of retaliation but everyone needs to speak out because as a parent, this could have been your child!!! It could have been any race gunned down by the prejudice of another race and it needs to stop!! I am praying that we learn one day as a nation to love everyone genuinely and unconditionally!! My heart goes out to the Martin family.

  129. Antonette Russell

    This was amazing…lost for words…she spoke from my …heart sinead o’Connor.much respect to u.

  130. i am a 66 year old white woman who went on civil rights marches in the 1960s to end racism! reading all these posts makes me realize nothing has changed. There are many heartwarming posts but also far too many from racist bigots. Nothing will ever end racism which ulrtimatly helps all of us until these racist bigots end their hate and fear and become educated.
    my heart hurts’

  131. I am so thankful to Ms. O’Connor for this article. Truth – straight forward and no holds barred. Love it.

  132. Small details: her criticism of and admonitions towards Black America are understandable. However, the pathology in Black America is a result of sustained racism–slavery didn’t “end” until the year of my birth:1942– which has been internalized resulting in self-destructive behavior. Similar behavior was reflected in the masterpieces of Charles Dickens documenting the underclass of England and France until they found no recourse but to revolt. We do not have that option; just go to a gun show. The Irish have their egregious never ending religious wars. And, its underclass turned on Black people when they arrived denying us jobs and rioting against our attempts to become true citizens of America. Lack of jobs has been a key cause of the undoing of too may in Black America…included among them some of my relatives who did not get enough to overcome. For those who haven’t read Dickens as an adult; please read “Oliver Twist” than others of Dickens. You will note that poor Oliver was targeted–assuming his underclass position–to fail. All SYSTEMS (social, political, economic…)went into gear to assure this. Then he was found to be a bastard product of the upper-class and all changed. He was the same; he lacked opportunity. THAT IS ALL!!! Most of us have “succeeded” only because we were given opportunity by the ruling class only because we “fit in” more than most.

    • Correct, Bill. Some black “fit in” more than most. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Throw in some of that learned inner racial conflict with it perpetuated by “the system” (light skinned blacks are safer because they have more white in them than dark skinned blacks) and black have embodied that reason as an excuse not to try harder. I agree with Ms. Occonnor when she says black hollywood isn’t doing enough to stop the negative images of blacks being portrayed in main stream media. Their being paid top money to always cast blacks as uneducated criminals, drug dealers, disgruntled servants, or mentally impaired charged with a crime. They force black hollywood to fit in those roles through the giving of large amounts of money, something that is denied blacks on a basic level, such as getting a job or being promoted on the job. Think about it. Denzel, Halle, and Michael Clark Duncan can act rings around some artists, however none of this artist got an Oscar or Academy Award until they played a dirty cop, a neglectful uneducated mother, and a mentally challenged convict (who ironically in this vein was innocent of the crime he was convicted of). Look at the rap video’s and the black made movies. It always shows blacks just hangin around doing nothing (while hanging around someone rich) just living it up without doing anything, braggin about how much bling , and how many “bitches ” they’ve got. Who produces these video? Black artists? They help further the stereotype that black men are lazy, and the only thing a black woman is good for is a pole or to be someone’s baby mamma. Most newbies don’t look at it as sell out money, they just see more money they ever seen in their lives (and some of the only get about 100k) take it and continue to make videos with negative conotations to them without thought to what they’re putting out their and what kid is watching, hoping to be “just like_______”.

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    Something worth reading

  134. The Motivational Rockstarr

    Reblogged this on The Motivational Rockstarr and commented:
    This says what I’ve wanted to say for YEARS about our music, our youth and our future generations!

    *Rockstarr Approved*

  135. Just got to get this off my mind Trailer Trash, Road Kill Eating, Incest Perpetuating, Unenlightened Excuse for being called a Human Being , there.
    When will people stop judging, thinking that they are greater and making life decisions for others? We must begin to stand as a nation and not as a race because we are only as great as our weakest link. Sinead OConnor, thank you for your open letter to the American People.

  136. I swear this blog is one of the most heart felt, and knowledgeable blogs I’ve read since I heard about Trayvon’s death

  137. Zimmerman is Hispanic. There have been plenty of articles that mention his ethnicity. Here’s one:

    Everyone on here seems to be racist. The white people, the black people…everyone. I’m Native American, so if anyone has a right to bitch about anything, it’s me. Slaves were given the option to go back to Africa after they were freed. If your ancestors didn’t leave, then you have nothing to complain about.

    Also, quit calling yourself African American. I’ve met plenty of black Africans who get pissed off when black Americans call themselves that because they are not from Africa. Oh, and here’s food for thought: I also know two white people from Africa who became American citizens a few years ago…if anyone can call themselves African-American, it’s those two.

    Everyone needs to grow the fuck up and get over themselves. Quit acting like you’re owed something…everyone. Black, white, and the like.

    • This is a colonial response from someone who has bought into the ideology of the white nation. There is so much wrong with it, I can’t even detail it out. Africans are from Africa, whether born here or not. White “Africans’ are colonizers and settlers. One Africa, One Nation, One Billion Strong. Go to and start educating yourself from independent media.
      I am white. But I am Hispanic. I benefit form white power just like Zimmerman (a Jewish name) does, like all white hispanics. And look around you: there are plenty of black and brown people who act in the interests of white power as police officers, agents of the state. This is the power of the white nation that has colonized the majority of the earth’s people.

  138. This is a very reactionary statement on Trayvon’s death (and she misspells his name throughout). She blames black youth for killing each other, with no understanding of imperialism or colonialism as the foundation of horizontal violence. She prides herself on her version of the knowledge about Africa’s greatness without giving credit to African people, It is EXTREMELY patronizing and self-righteous. Unfortunately, this is being raised up as a very good statement! The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is a group of North Americans (whites) who call for a response to the murder of Trayvon Martin based on the understanding of African Internationalism put forth by Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party, the leader of the African liberation movement. We call for white people to take responsibility for the legacy of slavery, colonialism, and genocide that we inherited and which benefits us to this day. This is the only correct stand to take The murder of Trayvon Martin exposes how raw and open the war against the African community is, how the colonial oppression of African people remains intact despite claims of a “post-racial America.” Sinead O’Connor does an extreme disservice in her statement because of her lack of understanding about the material conditions of African people in this world. She preaches the same tired line about love and peace put forth by white liberals who cause untold damage to the African liberation movement. Read the REAL analysis and stop re-posting this ignorant and self-serving drivel of white interests!

    • White guilt? Nope. Not needed. I’m Native American, and I would never even ask for that. It’s people like you who keep everybody against each other by saying this person is at fault so this needs to happen, when in reality, NO ONE ALIVE TODAY WAS THERE!!! Why should some white kid today have to apologize for something their ancestor did hundreds of years ago? They shouldn’t. The fact of the matter is, everyone needs everyone. We all need to stop killing and hurting each other. This boy’s death is tragic, but so is the rape and murder of some white girl by a black man. So is the torture and mutilation of a Mexican by an Arab. See what I did just there? Yeah…it’s not only blacks being killed by whites or Mexicans, it’s every race hurting every race. All of it needs to stop.

      So take your kill whitey mentality and shove it up your ass. You’re just as racist as the next guy.

      • “The greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” – Stephen Biko

      • Wow, you’re so oppressed, aren’t you, Wendy? You live in a free country, get to wake up everyday and walk out of your home without being covered up from head to toe and without having to walk six paces behind a man. You’re allowed to go to school, get an education, you’re allowed to have a job…any job you want and work hard for can be your’s! And if, god forbid, you get raped, you can thank the stars that you will not be stoned to death or hanged for an unspeakable crime that clearly is not your fault. You get to live in a nice house, own a car, have money…you don’t have to live in a hut made out of cow shit, have no car only to walk 20 miles everyday just to get water, and have to rely on having enough chickens to barter with so you can provide for your family.

        You are SO fucking repressed. Jesus Christ!

    • LilBittaVanilla

      When white people do nothing for black people, they’re damned. When they stand up for black people, every single letter is over-analyzed until something racist or ignorant can be found in their words. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So what ends up happening? Nothing. Nothing changes. Sinead O Connor speaks of racism as if it were self-hatred – well that swings both ways. When all a black person can do is find negativity in the words of a white woman trying to help, that in itself is hatred, which really is racism, which truly is self-hate. So where is Sinead O Connor wrong??!?

  139. Pissed off at Ignorant Anna!

    Anns include yourself! First of all as a native american person your statements are ignorant . and where in africa were blacks going back to since most of our ancestors did not even know where their REAL family name or origin was from??.. I am ashamed of (YOU) after all native americans went thru you woud get on here with that nonsense. Native americans thought they were owed something too with the casinos around the country ???hypocrite !!!.,MISS us with that!
    p.s they term african americans were tagged on us because that is our counrty of origin ..the govt uses it, they are they ones who require that on everything we put our race sound a bit racist against (btw i am black ,native american and french white and cape verdian(portugese/africa) what country should i go back to???

    • First of all, maybe you should re-read what I posted, and then learn correct grammar before you make another ignorant post.

      I never said anything about anyone needing to go back to where they came from. I said that slaves were given the opportunity to go back to Africa after they were freed. Obviously most of them chose to stay here and make a life for themselves, and a lot of them became successful businessmen, farmers, even politicians.

      My failure to bow down to any race and become politically correct is seen as being racist in your eyes. Political correctness is killing our society. No one is above anyone for any reason. No one is owed anything…you want something in life, you work your ass off for it. That’s the way it has always been, and unfortunately, we are now creating a society based on handouts instead of hard work.

      I was robbed by two black men years ago, forced on the ground, on my stomach, with a gun to the back of my head. I was lucky because I’m still here. Did I tell the cops I was robbed by two black men because I just wanted to put two lack men in jail for no reason? No. I told them I was robbed by two black men because I WAS ROBBED BY TWO BLACK MEN. I saw them, i saw their faces. And they never got caught. Where’s my justice? Did they rob me because of the color of my skin? Probably. Did they rob me because I am a woman therefore deemed an easy target? Probably. So why can’t I claim it to be a hate crime?

      We all need to come together and quit playing the race card. Start taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions and quit blaming others for iur own problems.

  140. Lizzie, you’re an idiot! Great post and great discussion! Reposting now.

  141. I have always absolutely loved your music Sinead O’Connor. Even when people laughed at me for it. II really like the post you wrote minus profanity, but you were speaking truth and from the heart. The words came off tmy ipad as I read them and I felt them piercing into my heart and soul. Understanding ! I know other people have either misunderstood what you have said when you were younger and as of now would rather you not speak what they all know. Thx for doing it anyways.

  142. 40-Year Journey

    Unequivocally, I am touched. Thank you for taking the time to release and share a wealthy of heart felt compassion. Authentic, unity is birthed through pain-pain risen from the core. A new bridge is being constructed, and the bridge should be named “Travon Martin.” They should re-name the street where he was murdered to “Travon Martin.” A bridge and a street named after “Travon Martin.” The parent may consider opening a T-Shirt Shop with the brand “Travon Martin.” My the memories of his life and death impact the world forever. A picture of his baby picture on the front, and his final picture on the back. A National Holiday…

  143. 40-Year Journey

    Correction: A wealth of health felt compassion

  144. 40-Year Journey

    Treyvon, Trayvon, or Travon? I see his name spelled three different ways…

  145. This was moving. Very long and drawn out, but moving. As for all the negative and racist comments about this, you’re an insult to society itself. To think humans have evolved so much as to regress to petty racism like we’re living in 1430 is disgusting! Every life should be valued. Every soul is beautiful and deserves to be heard. Yes, even the biggot scum, although your voices make me want to perform a labotomy on myself.

  146. This made me cry because her words were put so Elegant in my opinion not blaming anyone just stating facts and she understands how I feel. Just Beautiful. I wish more people thought like her….

  147. markeeta wickskmm

    That made me cry because the youth don’t understand they are responsible for there destiny!

  148. You need Jesus ! And if u have children God help them .

  149. Sinead, I LOVE YOU TOO, EVEN MORE NOW THAN EVER! Thank you for daring to speak the truth. I wish there were more people like you in this world!~

  150. Girl you just shut it down!!!

  151. Ms. O’Connor,
    I love your message. You speak the truth and it’s something I really needed to hear and a message everyone needs to hear. I’m reposting this message forever. I’ll never forget your words. Thank you so much Ms. O’Connor. God Bless You! I Pray and hope every night and day that this eviliness will end and that we all have world peace. Thank You Again!!! =..)

  152. blackisbeautiful dont be a hater God loves you2..

    Wow! thank you so much for this ..But its nothing that I didnt already know..Anyone in their right mind should know and Im sure do know , If you past 1st grade that you cant get Black from cant get Brown from white..You have to have Black in order to get any other color..So this along should let you know who was on this earth first..One Love we are the chosen people…

  153. blackisbeautiful dont be a hater God loves you2..

    God’s skin was Bronze and his hair was like wool…When I look in the mirror…..I see Bronze skin and hair like wool…God and I have a lot in common..we dont Tan.

  154. Sinead has always had American race relations on the forefront of her radar, and I love that about her. It saddens me, though, that she, although correct in her facts and assertions about race, has come to believe that this was racially motivated, or even that race played a factor. Zimmerman did NOT pull the trigger, or even pursue, for any reason other than he was itching for a fight. Him claiming self-defense should not be called into question; however, it sure as hell does not excuse his actions. It was the actions of the police department that MIGHT be considered racist, but no one is focusing on that – the police were there, but did not take Zimmerman into custody. It’s THEM that we should be aiming our anger and disgust over, more so than Zimmerman.
    Sinead, again, you’re an amazing spokesperson, and until this post, you have had my unwavering support. To quote a very wise woman, “fight the real enemy”.

  155. Claretta Duckett-Freeman

    Thank you for this Sinead. I want to save this and read this everytime I feel wronged. I am a black woman and the fact that you are not and you said this healed so many hurts inside of me. Only five minutes it took. Thank you- Claretta Duckett-Freeman

  156. Lizzie:

    Did you even read your blog before you sent it? You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Did you start the ball rolling? If not, don’t point your finger at anyone! Your remarks are inflammatory also! Go get a job or learn how to write properly!

  157. I am deeply moved by your words Ms O’Connor. Your passion, your brutal honesty and your demand for change. It is my hope that people will print your letter and frame it, to look to as a reminder of what they should be teaching their children.
    I have always taught my children that they must love all people but question disrespect and racism. I have taught them to value men and women for what they do, not just what they say. It has become harder to bring that message across because everything they see screams the exact opposite of this. Religious divisions, sexual divisions, racial divisions and class divisions have become the order of the day.
    Your words are a reminder that there is SOME sanity out here. I have known all that you mentioned above for years, but often feel like Chicken Little, walking around saying “the sky is falling” and no one is listening.
    I do however see hope in my children and how they conduct their lives.
    As music educators, we try to expose our students to as much music from diverse backgrounds as possible. It is our hope that thru this, they will become better world citizens. It is my hope that the artists who are making mindless raps perpetuating male domination, racism, material possessions gain etc will go back and look into what the first hip hop artists were trying to do, bring a message to the people. They tried to let people know about the problems they faced and tried to find a way out of it.
    I have patterned my life after people such as Earth, Wind and fire (Maurice White), Stevie Wonder, Bono, Phil Collins, and yes, YOU. I admire your courage and your strength and you have yet again proven to be one of the Universe’s Chosen.
    Thank you for making my day better!

  158. Thank you and Congratulations “No U Aint Radio” for keeping current events in our faces.  Thank you Sinead O’Connor for so eloquently expressing feelings  about the inhumane killing of Travon Marin, and the failure of bringing justice to Mr.  Zimmerman.  Also Sinead expressed what others have  felt and thought for years.  We are ONE people on this planet, steming from ONE source – Mother Africa.  The sooner we embrace this reality,  the  less troubled our world will become.  The internet and social networking is breaking down ethnic, cultural and language barriers quicker than I can type these words.  Babble is disappearing before our eyes, yet, there are still those who want to hold on to the status quo, to make themselves feel secure. They are fearful of the changes taking place in our world.

    In my youth, during the  United States Civil Rights Movement,  I wrote a poem .  As we enter Phase II of the Civil Rights Movement, I feel that this poem is still appropriate.

                         A Black Martyr
                                           By Carole Wilson Roberts – 1966

    I am a Black Martyr ,
    Non-Militant, Passive, Yet residing in a state of turmoil,
    Like my white brothers, composed from the soil,

    Since baked too long, and a shade of brown,
    My white blood brothers, Don’t want me around,

    Nigger, you’re Black – Get Back!
    Keep off of my land, You stupid man,
    Stay  out of my schools, You ignorant fool,
    Can’t You see, You’re of a lesser degree, than me?

    Confused, terribly restless and tired of being suppressed,
    This unfair treatment, I protest!
    This is why I staunchly march,
    Step by step
    To let the others see,
    That given an equal opportunity
    I AM of the same degree

    Die if I must,  From dawn to dusk, I’ll march
    For now, I have no fear
    I am a Black MARTYR

    (To those of us still protesting and marching in 2012, keep on keepin on!
    Together we’ll see a change – one day!)

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  160. This is awesome! I’ve definitely learned something today. Thank you Sinead!

  161. One day I’d like to kiss your cheek…

  162. blackwatertown

    Sinead… She doesn’t miss.

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  164. When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.
    -Ralph Ellison

    Check out this clip from Randall Robinson, who explains Africa’s connection to early Greece…human progress is a continuum, and we are all interconnected…

  165. well said is all i can say

  166. LilBittaVanilla

    If a black lady had said these words, exactly as it were written, there would be a lot less hatred towards Sinead O Conner. The hatred she speaks of, is so evident in many of the comments. Many of you are proving her point!

  167. Hey Sinead,
    I agree we are all equal and racism is wrong! Hate towards one another is evil and in the end we are basically the same, no matter our skin color. But your comment about the ‘Eve Gene’ is also wrong. You speak of the ‘Eve Gene’ as being fact – but the truth is that it is still a hypotheses – not a fact – science hasn’t proven it to be a fact. Let’s keep it real – don’t try to make something a fact that isn’t a fact just because your trying to prove a point.

  168. Wow very powerful words and an even stronger message. What happened to trayvon is sad but its not the first time but hopefully will be the last time that a young black youth is senselessly gunned down. George Zimmerman you are wrong and by the grace of G-d you will be bought to justice for your crimes!

  169. Hope de Waardt-Jemerson

    While I have always loved her voice and respected that she stands behind what she believes, your statement about her being the first in the music industry to be supportive in the Trayvon Martin case is erroneous. Wyclef Jean was very vocal immediately, as was Will Smith and many others in the entertainment industry. Besides where is the irony in one human being being compassionate and supportive of other human beings. Compassion, understanding and love transcend ethnicity. There is enough confusion and hype; let’s keep to the facts PLEASE.

  170. Don’t know if there is an “Eve” gene but does that really matter? Humans are all made up of the same constituent parts. We just have different coverings and we get hung up on that. We all bleed. We all laugh and sing and dance and love and yes….hate. That is part of our earthly make-up. But…we do have choice and though we can not control events…We Choose how we react to them. We can stand up to injustice through non-violence. We can choose hate which destroys our soul or love which leads to enlightenment. The choice is ours. Racism, or any other “ism” is a manifestation of our fears. We are surrounded with images of violence in a 24/7 media milieu. We are told what to buy, how to act, who to admire. Our young people have been robbed of their ability to concentrate and distracted by all the “noise” that surrounds them. Today’s popular music is anchored in that noise and most of it is vapid, empty and soul-sucking. We have a choice going forward. Are we going to spend our resources on educating our young people and keeping them healthy….body, mind and spirit OR are we going to continue to waste our resources on WAR and repealing the rights of women, minorities, the poor, young and old alike with voter suppression and vigilante laws like the one that helped create an environment where Trayvon Martin is murdered and the suspect goes free. In the Judeo/Christian religions there is this notion that WE ARE ALL ONE. If ONLY the majority of people could be lifted from their fog of ignorance and fear to SEE that is a TRUTH that has the ability to save humanity.

  171. BRAVO!!! I love what you wrote. I am a African American woman in my early 30’s. My husband and I both have Master’s degrees and great employment and live a respectable lifestyle. Yet, we are constantly reminded through situations like this murder that no matter where we live, how much education we have, or how much money we make, we are still Black and not equal. I am so tired of hip hop, pop, and rap’s protrayal of what is cool because it just continues the stereotype of minitories. My children will know the difference between entertainment and real life and class and trash.

  172. As a counselor I was thinking how people could heal during this time of traumatic consciousness raising. I thought how black communities everywhere should bust out the Jenga game. Talk about what has been lost, how it impacted the rest of the community.

  173. The genome project of 1974 is so real but so many “smart” people choose to deny the science and medical books. Amazingly 100%
    true. A true 5% she has proven herself to be.

  174. I am thunderstruck! Sinead O’Connor! Facting and appreciating what African-Americans have given to America…to the World! Baby Girl, I have to take another listen-to to your music. But then, it was quite a warm embrace that the Irish gave to POTUS when he visited. Ms O’Connor. I must say I “felt” your heartfelt emotions which were truly from the heart. It is nice to see that ALL the comments understand DNA and the truth of it. Someone told Lizzie to read a book. Wonderful! But I doubt she would believe the truth. Bigots usually are ignorant of facts/science and won’t embrace them if it means having to change their viewpoint(s).
    Jai. You are “in the pipe 5×5!” Take a look at the new “Finding your Roots” series on Public Broadcasting Service. They use the DNA company “23andMe” to fill in the missing pieces of people’s family tree. One last observation: Trayvon Martin certainly deserves Justice. And my heart goes out to his Family. Many, many other AA males gunned downed, dragged, run over, beaten to death deserved Justice – because…well just because someone was ignorant and believed in the glory of their Whiteness. Let’s hope the Florida and US Justice Departments cut through the crap and arrest Mr. Zimmerman. Then let the facts tell the truth. Ms. O’Connor, All – this is a perfect example of not judging a “Book by its Cover.” Ms. O’Connor, my apologies. From outwardly appearances I judged you. How wrong I was.

  175. I am truly speechless….. She make some strong statement and comparisons. I need not say any more.

  176. Wow… Much respect, as a fellow Christ follower and singer, and human being! On too many levels, this woman was too correct in her assessment of Americans. To that, I say THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU! It’s good people can still see the good in us… She was so frank, and our music makers of today ar,e yet again, being charged to produce music of substance or be a part of the downfall of us all… Much respect, Ms. O’Connor, much respect.

  177. WOW!!!! Let me start by saying this-two women in a hospital both giving birth to a child, both have natural birth, both bleed during the delivery, both must use the bathroom, both wipe themselves, both put their clothes on the same way both go home with a new human to nuture, both shared the joy of bringing another life into this world. But the only difference in this is “one has rich dark skin and the other has fair (white) skin…THAT’S THE ONLY DIFFERENCE…should this difference bring upon so much havoc???? I really don’t understand. It was spoken best during the closing argument of a movie called “A TIME TO KILL”

  178. Black rap & hip pop singers, who set the trend, and make it cool to act “Gangsta” set a really bad example for the black youth. It’s OK to talk shit & beat people up, do drugs and do stints in jail, curse out the cops and be in ‘da gangs” walk around with your pants half down your ass. This image pumped through the media, by the black race who get rich on the image create the fear and predijuce. So when a young black man decides it’s time for himself to take his manhood by beating another guys skull into the ground, how dare that man stop that action and defend himself. When those in your popular media decide to portray & be EXAMPLE for your black youth then the would be some respect. Until then continue to let types like Snoop Doggy Dipshit, & Fifty No-sense be at the forefront of your image.

    • There are 2 things that are truly endless… The Universe & Human Ignorance as displayed by a majority of comments including the latter. Hip Hop is art. Rap is a commercial product that benefits a very small minority of wealthy white men while perpetuating racial stereotypes. Hip Hop is an art that expresses the pain, sorrow, hopelessness, rage, joy & experiences of 1st Black America & now the world. It has done more for racial unity than any movement in History. Its for by Blackmen who are slowly recovering from Hundreds of years of the Willie Lynch Syndrome. A scientifically proven epidemic. SUPER WOMEN MAKE THE WORLD REVOLVE: 70% of female drug users(of all races) are single mothers. 85% of poor/homeless females(of all races) are single mothers. 75% of Black Mothers are single. Yet still We are raised to be productive people as Males take all the credit. Also explains, but does not excuse, why males don’t know how to be a Man, Husband, or Father. Some things our Super Women just can’t teach. Best way to learn is from example & not many of us Males had that example growing up(for Hundreds of years). A grown Male who falls short is simply a grown Boy/Nigga, not Man. Man is defined as intelligence therefore lacking such, one can not be. Any Male who matures to manhood &/or had proper upbringing will fully understand Women due to the respect & love of the Maternal figure He has. A Grown Boy will simply seek a feeble Grown Girl He can control or a Grown Woman who will finnish the Maternal nurturing He lacks. The Father also sets an example to the daughter of what treatment is deserved & also what should not be tolerated from a male. So there is no Family Value or structure on both sides of the issue & pointing fingers back & forth between each other only diverts attention away from the REAL ISSUE & keeps the enemy’s cycle going from one generation to the next. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR EACHOTHER IF WE WISH TO SURVIVE AS NOT JUST MALE, FEMALE, BLACK, WHITE, OR BETWEEN BUT AS HUMAN BEINGS PERIOD!!!”~Wise Wun Meagainsttheworld2022®™~

  179. eda o donnell

    very good


    May the MOST HIGH Bless You

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  184. I am so late. Came to the site to share Ms. O’Connor’s letter to Miley. I am so grateful you wrote it. So grateful you chose to use your global platform in this way. Wish Rihanna could hear and see the destruction she wreaks in deference to her total ego. I came across this letter and shared that instead. This is amazing to me. Thank you for speaking so eloquently.

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