Video: Nicki Minaj “Starships”

A couple of weeks ago we posted sexy photos from the set of Nicki Minaj’s video shoot for “Starships”.  As sexy as the photos were, they’re nothing compared to  actual video.  Nicki is serving up plenty of eye candy for the fellas (and ladies) while showing off her insane waist-to-hip ratio in the crazy colorful video for ‘Starships’. The video features Nicki coming out of the ocean all slow motion, ‘Baywatch’ style before getting the party jumping with a huge electro-pop party in Hawaii.

There isn’t a deep storyline to follow in the video; just half-naked, beefed up tattooed guys, Nicki booty-shaking in a bikini and a fist-pumping rave in blacklight.

We don’t care what type of injections Nicki takes for her dunk to look that way, but she looks amazing!  This looks like a party we should’ve been at.

Pop the hood to watch the sexiness:

Watch on Vevo

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