Nicki Minaj sex tape release???

Word on these mean Internet streets is that Nicki is about to show us her Superbass!

Our source over at ALLHIPHOP tells us exclusively that Nicki Minaj allegedly has a sex tape that is set to leak any day now, and you will never guess who her co-star is! No, it is not her rumored fiancé, Safaree, or her Young Money boss, Lil’ Wayne.

Our source tells us that the man who is in the alleged sex tape with Nicki Minaj is none other than G.O.O.D. Music rapper, Big Sean! The two allegedly slept together right around the time they shot the music video for Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)” remix, and the whole thing was caught on tape.

Personally we would like to see the footage just for verification reasons only. Nicki has so many damn personalities there’s no telling who is really on that tape. Let us be the judge.

One response to “Nicki Minaj sex tape release???

  1. Ok 1st I’m tired of ppl becomin famous havin a sex tape! Millions have sex an tape it but 2 b come a celeb behind it REALLY????!!! An I jus read ova the net wezzy iis gay I could care less either way but honestly we do not need sex tapes or step by step commintary on stars I’m sick 2 death with the bs with tht said lett me know when a celeb does something I wanna know aboutan read

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