Rihanna shuts down Jay-Z beef rumors by performing at Watch The Throne

[via NecoleBitchie]

Rihanna flaunted her super rich status in ‘Joy Rich’ this past Sunday as she prepared to take a helicopter to London’s O2 Arena for Day 3 of Jay-z and Kanye’s ‘Watch The Throne’ European Tour.  Earlier this year, the internet was buzzing with rumors that Jay-z was beginning to distance himself from Rihanna after she went against his wishes and released two tracks with her ex Chris Brown.  To fuel the rumors even further, Jay-z made a few public appearances with Rita Ora (who some pegged as Rihanna’s replacement over at Roc Nation) and was spotted spending less and less time with Ri Ri. (Some reports even suggested that Beyonce preferred that they keep their relationship strictly professional.)

This past weekend, Rihanna somewhat shut down the rumored beef with her former label boss by hitting the stage with Jay and Kanye to perform, ‘All Of The Lights’ and ‘Run This Town’.  Dressed in an all-black, thugged-out outfit, Ri took the stage and belted out her portion of the songs, becoming the first artist to join ‘Ye and Jay onstage while they’re performing as The Throne.

After the show, she tweeted:

“#RihannaNAVi made history tonight as the first person to Watch The Throne AND join it!!! No one is allowed on that stage! Thank u guys”

Pop the hood to watch clips from both performances below.

One response to “Rihanna shuts down Jay-Z beef rumors by performing at Watch The Throne

  1. Everything we fans hear is a rumor since we are not running in the celebrities circles. Rumor: Jay-Z asked Rihanna to step back so Beyonce could shine. Rumor: Jay-Z’s domineering ways caused Rihanna to rebel. Rumor: Jay-z thought he had Rihanna under his thumb (sexual plaything). Rumor: Rihanna and Chris Brown never stop seeing each other and Rihanna was told by Jay-Z to say the negative stuff she said to the media. You see there are always rumors that people are trying to pass off as truth. Some may be true…who is to know except the people involved. So who cares?

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