No U Ain’t of the Day: 10-year old model posing topless

Please tell us we’re not crazy.  Fashion or not, 10-years old is entirely way too young to pose topless.

Meet Thylane Loubry Blondeau, a 10-year-old French model who has appeared on international Vogue covers and starred in countless ad campaigns for major brands. She started modeling at the age of 4 on the runway of a Jean-Paul Gaultier show. Earlier this year she also appeared as part of an editorial spread in Vogue about “fashion’s “fetishistic, often exploitative relationship with extreme youth as its subject.”

Someone please….slap her momma, the photographer and the stylist who thought this was hot!

7 responses to “No U Ain’t of the Day: 10-year old model posing topless

  1. Oh no no no… The devil is a lie!

  2. That’s sad. #1 the agency and photographer must be pedophiles because what is she promoting? She look like a little boy. She isn’t totally developed yet, so they have to be pedophiles.

  3. Another thing: Where is dcfs or cps or whatever it is called there, where are they now? If they intervened on a person combing their child’s nappy head then is this not child endangerment also?

  4. She looks scared and pitiful. Poor little girl.

  5. I like it

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