P.Diddy’s son to attend UCLA on full scholarship

Some people out there might not be as proud as Sean Combs (aka Diddy) is to have  his son, Justin, enter UCLA having earned a full scholarship.

In fact, Diddy’s been slammed since the announcement this week according to our friends at TMZ. Some think that he should pay for his son’s college tuition and leave the $54,000 scholarship for a struggling student-athlete.  However, multiple UCLA students – some with and without scholarships – support Justin because they say he earned his scholarship fair and square and “…it shouldn’t matter how much your parents are making.”

It’s good to know that an over-priviledged child can still find a way to be
independent. And he must have inherited the hard work ethic that his father
possesses to have achieved his free ride to college.  We think he’s definitely
deserving of this scholarship!

Way to go, Justin!

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