Which Basketball Wives Cast Member Is Slamming Shaunie O’Neal?: “Own Up To Your Part!”

In the season finale of VH1‘s Basketball Wives, Executive Producer and cast member Shaunie O’Neal expressed her concern about being associated with the ladies on the show, leaving fans to wonder if she’ll be returning for season 5, and making at least one of her cast mates UPSET. So who is it that wants Shaunie to stop acting like she’s “a saint,” and “own up” to her part in all the drama?

After having a few issues with Ms. O’Neal in past seasons, Royce Reed was a little angry when she saw the season finale of Basketball Wives…to put it mildly. Especially after watching Shaunie try to play the peacemaker between Jenn and Evelyn, when she was the one who refused to film with Royce when they were having problems in the past.

“We all have our issues and neither of us is perfect, nor do we pretend to be,” Reed writes in her VH1 blog, addressing O’Neal directly. “Please don’t act like you’re a saint and more people would respect you for that. Own up to your part then we can all sit down as women and hash it out.

“Hopefully after watching this episode, everyone in the cast sees how you truly view all of us,” she continues. “You drew the lines in the sand. It’s not really fair to be one of the executive producers and a cast member at the same time, is it?

“If you truly want to turn a new leaf, let’s be adults and sit down and talk. Let’s right our wrongs, let’s fix what’s broken, and let’s bond what’s been separated! Isn’t that what all of this was originally for? To form a sisterhood from our past hurts and pains. Sisters fight but they always have each others back. What happened? When did that get lost?”

What do you think?  Do you agree with Royce? Is Shaunie acting like she’s above all of the drama? Have you lost respect for her this season?  Should she remove herself from the show?

[via RealityTvMagazine.com]

One response to “Which Basketball Wives Cast Member Is Slamming Shaunie O’Neal?: “Own Up To Your Part!”

  1. It’s about time somone calls Shaunie out……. Shaunie……fix whats broken and lets get the show moving agin…PLEASE……. I THINK SHAUNIE LIKES THA DRAMA…….. REMEMBER IT SELLS! Jen much class and love show em how its done ……

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