Mess Control: Kimora Lee and Hubby Not Getting Divorced

Yesterday rumors spread that Kimora Lee and her hubby actor Dijmon Housou had gone their separate ways.  Of course we didn’t post it because we here at NUA are not messy nor did we have any confirmation on whether or not it was true. 🙂

We guess Kimora heard the rumors too, and had something to say about it…

Kimora also Tweeted that just because she was selling one of her homes it didn’t mean that her life was falling apart.

“Wow, I put 1 of several properties I own (+ DONT live in) on the market & now apparently my whole life is fallin apart?! Smdh. Rumors, Rumors….”

While Kimora never mentions Dijmon directly her ex husband Russell Simmons posted on his own website,

1. Kimora and Djimon are fine.

2. Kimora and Djimon are both doing extremely well in their respective endeavors and businesses and don’t need to fight over or waste energy on money issues.

3. I damn sure don’t pay nor have I ever paid alimony (Kimora does just fine). In no way do I support their lifestyle, so please don’t say they are fighting over MY money.

4. Yes she’s selling a house, but she hasn’t lived in it for several years since she built the house they currently reside in.

5. As for friction between us? There is none. I feel like I’m part of their family. Djimon and Kenzo are like my blood and Kimora is my best friend. We are partners in various businesses and in the really important business of raising our beautiful children.

And so there you have it.  Don’t start no mess won’t be none!

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