Brian McKnight Scraps Adult Mixtape Plans

Back in April when Brian McKnight first dropped his controversial “Let Me Show You How Your P***y Works” song, he claimed it was for an adult mix-tape he had in the works. (Ooooookay.)

Well thanks to all of your backlash, Brian isn’t going to do it now.

Brian tells The Huffington Post

I’m not actually putting out a mixtape anymore. It was never the plan in the beginning. I did something that I thought was incredibly funny [which I still do think is incredibly funny], and a lot of people showed that: one, they haven’t come to see me perform in a long time; and then, number two, they take themselves way too seriously, and they think I do as well.

I can’t blame them, because if you only listen to the music that I’ve written, you could probably think that. But if you’ve come to see me perform in the last 10 years, you know that I use humor in all of my shows to sort of bridge the gap between all of these slow songs that I’m going to play. And at the time, I only had 40,000 followers on Twitter, but now because of this, a whole lot of things have spiraled from this situation.

And now, having a chance to look back at it and really trying to analyze it, it’s been a real trip to see the aftermath. Good and bad. [Laughs]

We hope you’re happy!

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