Does Ray-J Need Rehab?

Poor Ray-J.  From the sounds of things he’s going through it.  We knew it couldn’t be good when we didn’t see him on Cinco De Mayo with #TheMoneyTeam supporting his friend Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Now “pals” are claiming that Ray is using liquor to numb the pain and was so drunk the other night he got thrown off the property of a ritzy Hollywood hotel…

From Diary of a Hollywood Street King

Ray J was far from being welcomed on Ritz Carlton grounds on Memorial Day.

Insiders exclusively tell HSK the man closest to Whitney Houston before her death prompted cops to kick him off the Marina Del Rey, CA luxury hotel property.

Insiders say that’s where a clearly intoxicated Ray J was causing a ruckus, while seeking sympathy from women who, like him, attended the nearby holiday yacht party.

Insiders say Ray J’s game to bump chics is playing the ‘mourning Whitney’ card.

Don’t believe me.. Ask Director Tim Story.

Here’s the drop:

“Ray was drunk and walking around drunk with puppy eyes, none of the chics fell for his silly game. We decided to leave the yacht party to go to Tyrese’s party, but Ray was so wasted. We headed back to the Ritz – that’s where we all parked our cars. Ray jumped into his Phantom and started driving over parking cones.

The valet called the cops and Ray got kicked out of the Ritz’s property.”

We’re rooting for you Ray.  We won’t be mad if you lay low for a bit to get yourself back together.

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