Where’s The Beef? Bow Wow vs. Ciara

Earlier this year Bow Wow did a song with Lil Wayne called Sweat.

So when Ciara released her new single this week, also called Sweat, Bow Weezy was not amused no say the least.

After lashing out at his ex on Facebook, Bow Wow unfollowed Ciara on Twitter.

Is it really that serious my dude?  if you don’t remember Bow Wow’s song, pop the hood to check it out:

4 responses to “Where’s The Beef? Bow Wow vs. Ciara

  1. Bow wow is so childish! I hope that this is just a publicity stunt…b/c like for real! He needs to grow up…million other ppl can have the title “Sweat” for a new single. It doesn’t matter as long as your song is your song and they do not sound a like. Promote your shyt man, that’s all you need to do….b/c acting a b*tch isn’t going to get you anywhere. Stop trying to prove that you are hard and be your damn self….show your self & others some damn #Respect!!

    • I couldn’t have said it better. He’s just mad that Ciara’s song got more shine than his. My first time hearing his song was on this site! He’s corny!

  2. Put the ‘lil back in front of your name or grow up.

  3. I commented before I heard it…I should have known that weezy would have the beats sounding good. The song itself is immature.

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