Angela Simmons new hair extension line

According to our friends at, Angela Simmons has teamed up with Indiqué Hair, to release her new “Bikini” line of hair extensions.

“To me, hair is a statement and an extension of your wardrobe and I’ve always
been drawn to fashion and being able to change-up my look,” said Angela Simmons, who is the daughter of pioneering Hip-Hop Reverend Run, of

“A Bikini is the staple piece during the hot summer months or while on vacation, and the name perfectly describes the beachy texture of my first hair line.”

According to Indiqué Hair, the line of hair extensions created by Angela Simmons has never been created by any hair extension company before.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to CancerCare.

Angela Simmons’s Bikini line of hair extensions are due in stores on June 21.

Glad to hear these are regular hair extensions and not bikini line hair extensions….the product name threw us off for a minute because bikini line hair is not good!

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