Megachurch Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested!!!!

Creflo Dollar is the leader of the World Changers Ministries which boasts a 30,000 member congregation stretched across 10 satellite campuses in the U.S. He has been charged with simple assault and battery and child endangerment for allegedly choking his 15 year old daughter which left a scratch on her neck.

Creflo Dollar is known as a “prosperity preacher” who openly admits to his lavish lifestyle including a private jet known as “Dollar One” Witnesses to the alleged assault claim that the incident happened during an argument between Creflo and his daugher over a party that she attended that she was told not to attend.

When pressed for a comment on the situation Mr. Dollar responded with a simple. “Discipline my kid. Love ‘em,” after posting bail in Fayetteville County, Georgia.

This could be a simple case of a teenager being rebellious and a father attempting to bring discipline to his household, but on the other hand alot of people have labeled Pastor Dollar as a “Pulpit Pimp” if that’s true, there is no pimp in the history of pimpery that hasnt had to choke a person out. Lets just hope he didnt apply baby powder to his hands before applying them to her neck.

2 responses to “Megachurch Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested!!!!

  1. He’s a dumbass!

  2. Yeah buddy, that little heffer got on rev’s nerves. Teens who think they are running something but always asking you for money will make you reach out and touch them. If you don’t want to go by the rules, move out..get a job, while you still know everything. She is lucky he is Black or she would be buzzard bait. White people don’t whip your a**, they kill your a**. He is not my favorite minister, but I feel him….I raised 4 girls and each one came with different drama.

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