Tameka Foster Threatens To Reveal What Celebs Usher Cheated on Her With

Usher’s custody battle with his ex-wife Tameka Foster is heating up and word on the street is she’s threatening to air all of Usher’s dirty laundry.

Check out what In Touch Weekly reports:

In an Atlanta courtroom on May 21, fighting for rights to see his two boys, the 33-year-old singer was visibly shaken when talking about Usher V and Naviyd.

“They give me purpose,” Usher tearfully explained. “I used to be begged to come home. Now I’m begging to come home to be able to spend some time with them.”

But Usher’s tearful pleas are falling on deaf ears. An insider tells In Touch that 44-year-old Tameka is now threatening to name several big stars she insists her ex husband slept with during their tumultuous two-year marriage, which ended in 2009.

But Tameka might want to think twice about her spiteful tactics against Usher, who is now happily dating Def Jam record executive Grace Miguel, 44.

“Though she’s trying to paint Usher as a wild party boy with a huge sexual appetite, it’s backfiring and making her look bad,” says the insider. “Everyone’s testifying that she’s the one displaying erratic behavior.”

Tameka does seem a little off the wall, but we would love for her to spill the beans.  Who’s cookie jar do you think Usher was snatching?

2 responses to “Tameka Foster Threatens To Reveal What Celebs Usher Cheated on Her With

  1. Who Cares who he is sleeping with let the man see his children…

  2. agree with Chevy, alot of women complain theres no good men. But when you get one and do him like this than you wonder why theres no good men. Just sayin

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