Evelyn Lozada Explains Why She and Jennifer Williams Haven’t Really Reconciled Yet (Video)

Are we really surprised that Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams haven’t had a heart to heart and REALLY squashed the ‘beef’ yet?  Not really.

Check out what Evelyn has to say:

On her relationship with Jennifer Williams, since the reunion episode:

I don’t wish her anything bad or negative. Things just went too far. So we’re not friends right now. There’s so much going on legally with people that I’m friends with so it’s kind of sticky. I feel like when the dust settles with everything that maybe we’ll be able to be cordial and be able to co-exist.

On her feelings about Chad’s currently NFL employment status:

I was like listen, I guess I’m gonna be the breadwinner for now until we figure out what the situation is. But you know, Chad has a big personality. He can do other things outside of football. You know, he’s not an idiot. He knows how to speak and he can do other things. I actually was telling him the other day; he was walking around with underwear. I was like “Babe, you could totally do ‘GQ’.”

Pop the hood to check out the video:

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