And The Three ‘Basketball Wives’ Getting Fired Are…

Following some issues away from the cameras, the masterminds behind “Basketball Wives Jumpoffs” look to be overhauling a good bit of its cast for the upcoming fifth season of the show, including some fan favorites, as we previously reported.

According to a new report from TMZ, Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams, and Kesha Nichols are all going to be saying goodbye to their drama-filled lives with the rest of the “Basketball Wives” cast for a variety of reasons. In the case of Reed and Nichols, it is just due to them not being exciting enough to take the series to the next level. Meanwhile, producers are apparently unhappy with Williams suing Nia Crooks over the “slap incident” from this past season, and they don’t want to deal with drama that takes place in a courtroom rather than on-camera.  They are putting out a pretty strong message to everyone; beating each other for the camera is fine and if you want to retaliate, make sure it’s with punches, not court papers.

Since first being brought on the scene, “Basketball Wives” has become one of the cable network’s most-popular series, and has even spawned a spin-off show that is based in Los Angeles.

Season 5 of this show is set to air at some point next year. What do you think about the reported changes — are they for the best or are you unhappy with the changes?

We wonder who they will get to replace those three, because if we have to watch the shenanigans of Shaunie, Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada….we’re tuning out!

2 responses to “And The Three ‘Basketball Wives’ Getting Fired Are…

  1. Omg, I can’t believe Jennifer Williams isn’t going to be on the show.She is one of my favorite ppl on their. 😦 I don’t agree with the law suits but they should if just left her alone too. Tammy is nothing but a big bully.

  2. Wtf.who’s the one causing all the drama if not tami and eve.smh.they fired 3 of the best ladies.I’m not gonna be watching the 5 season anyways.this show is wacky

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