(Photos) Drake and Chris Brown Involved In Bottle Fight Inside NYC Club!

Sh*t just got real serious.

Check out what our girl Necole Bitchie is reporting:

The Drake and Chris Brown beef went to a whole new level last night when Drake (or someone in his entourage) allegedly threw a bottle at Breezy during Teyana Taylor’s G.O.O.D music signing party in New York. According to a few witnesses, once the first bottle was thrown, a major brawl broke out and at least five other people were injured.

Shortly afterward, Chris took to his twitter and tweeted:

Ni**as throwing bottles! Y’all ni**az weak!

Ok! Ni**as stand behind security!!!! Ok! U don’t pay them enough!

Ni**as hiding in the bathroom b-tch ass ni**as! And I’m the singer?

And Im the singer?

Peep the tweets:

He also Instagramed a photo of his bruise to show fans his bruise with the caption:

 Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol. Ni**as is pu**y! How u party wit a rich ni**a that hate? Lol…. Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!

Meek Mill, who’s been thrown in the middle of this Rihanna-Chris-Drake debacle before, took to his twitter page and wrote,

It wasn’t me…. (shaggy voice) lol

Followed by a tweetgram he posted on instagram that said,

‘That p–sy must be goooooooooooood lol’

Rapper Honey Cocaine was also tweeting during the mayhem:

What does Toronto think of this?

But when you are by yourself, who’s gonna come for you. oh

I’m just saying your homies gotta go home sometime

Some are from the streets and some think they are the streets #Imdone

Here’s a pic captured from the scene:

But, where’s the video at?  And does Rihanna really have these boys crying and getting whupped over her cake cake cake cake cake cake? Unreal!

UPDATE….video footage HERE.

Read some of the history of the Drake vs. Chris Brown beef here.

Additional tea via: TMZ , I am Boi Genius

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