First Video Footage Of Drake vs Chris Brown Right After Brawl + Photos!

We’re hearing more about the Chris Brown vs. Drake squabble that went down in NYC last night. 

Read: (Photos) Drake and Chris Brown Involved In Bottle Fight Inside NYC Club 

According to reports, the violence started with a gesture of good will, when Breezy sent a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table, police sources said.
Apparently Drizzy Drake had the bubbly returned to Brown with a note reading, “I’m still f—— Rihanna” — and that’s when all hell broke loose.  We have unconfirmed reports that Chris immediately flew into a rage and he decided to confront Drake and his entourage – which included another one of his rivals, rapper Meek Mills.
Drake’s 15-member entourage — including a dozen ‘friends’ and three security officers — peeled off their shirts and began fighting, a witness told police. 

Pop the hood to read the full report from the NY Daily News:

Bottles and ice flew through the air as the crowd ducked and ran for cover.

Brown’s bodyguard known as ‘Big Pat’ suffered a bloody gash across his forehead, while an Australian tourist took 16 stitches in her head. 

Big Pat, Chris Brown’s bodyguard, after sustaining horrific head injuries in the club brawl.

The wounded woman told that the explosion of violence was almost instantaneous, and she was clocked by a flying bottle that sent blood pouring down her face.

A 24-year-old Australian tourist was struck by a bottle in the head, reported.

“I immediately started to bleed and proceeded to fall in and out of consciousness,” she told TMZ.

The tourist was treated at Bellevue Hospital before giving a statement to police.

The mood shifted after Drake walked in — “a thug vibe,” according to the witness. Prior to that, the 23-year-old Brown was “low-key, keeping to himself, partying, dancing,” the witness said.  Stars including Mary J. Blige, Maxwell, Fabolous and hoops star Tony Parker were among those at the bash earlier in the evening.

Brown is seen leaving the club without his shirt on. (mccraykennet via YouTube)

Brown and Rihanna were reportedly reheating their romance in recent weeks. Drake dated the sultry singer after Brown left her bloodied and bruised in a 2009 attack.

Brown remains on probation for the beating, and was ordered to undergo a year of counseling for his violent behavior.

A statement from Brown’s rep insisted the R&B singer was an innocent victim who is cooperating with the NYPD investigation.

“Chris … and his friends were victims of a brutal attack last night at W.I.P.,” the statement said. “They sustained several injuries.”

The club floor was a mess of shattered glass after the brawling musicians left. (via instagram)

A Drake spokesman insisted that the Lil Wayne protégé “did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind … He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began.”  Four innocent bystanders and a member of Brown’s security detail suffered lacerations as shards of shattered glass flew around the basement club, police sources said.  Neither of the stars was still on the scene when police arrived.

Brown was clocked with a bottle and punched in the face by Drake to ignite the brawl, according to the web site

The report included a photo of the trashed club with broken glass strewn across the floor.

Brown posted a picture of his gashed chin on Twitter — accompanied by a series of insults directed at Drake and his crew.

“How u party wit a rich n—– that hate?” Brown wrote. “Lol … Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!”

In another, he mocked Drake’s crew for “hiding in the bathroom” and standing “behind security.” The photo and tweets were later removed.

Rihanna and Drake partying in New York City in September 2010. (Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

According to a police source, a round of drinks with a note about the sultry singer was sent between the two groups before the fight began. Drake then approached Brown and threw the first punch, reported.

Drake briefly dated Rihanna after her break-up with Brown, best known for his hits “Kiss Kiss” and “Run It.”

Police received a 911 call about a disorderly group at the basement club on Vandam St. and arrived to find the street filled with people fleeing the club.

Rihanna was out in New York Wednesday night before the fight between Chris Brown and Drake. (Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic)

Four of the injured people taken to local hospital were innocent bystanders, while the fifth was believed to be involved in the fight, police sources said.  One of the injured, a 25-year-old man with a head wound, was in serious condition at Bellevue Hospital.
We’ve got our hands on the first footage of the fight.  Check it out below:

What in the hell are these guys thinking?  Do they not realize that they are celebs.  And they’re BOTH R&B dudes (Yes…Drake is too).  They have the game f’d up!  If this is at all accurate, Drake is ON ONE!

3 responses to “First Video Footage Of Drake vs Chris Brown Right After Brawl + Photos!

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  2. chris brown has paid for his mishap let it go drake and others trying to and more to the rise of fame by jumping on a van wagon of bull not cool all the fans of everyone should let these young men know we not having another biggie and tupac era stop it now before it goes any further stop support for all the artist involved now if we support this we will have another sad sad time lives lost etc and over what let go now please let go chris brown your better than this let go please

  3. All you fans who buy the reocrds of these two singers should be ashamed of yourselfs. Both are punks but drake is an even bigger punk because he is the one letting his feelings get in the way. All this is over a drug addicted singer Rihanna. This stupid chick has been linked to everybody from these two to j cole, trey songs, and ASAP Rocky. Jay Z needs to get her straightened out of she will be another whitney houston.

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