50 Cent Says Floyd Mayweather Is Having a Hard Time In Jail

According to Fif, Money May is experiencing significant hardships at the start of his three-month bid.

While Fiddy did not get into many details, he made it clear Mayweather is not living the glamorous life behind bars.

The G-Unit CEO, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, also gave an update on his friend Floyd Mayweather, who is currently serving a three-month sentence for domestic battery of an ex-girlfriend in front of their two children. “He’s not doing good right now,” said 50. “He only been out seven hours since he been in there. They doin’ everything to make this difficult.” Right before Mayweather began his sentence last month, Fif told MTV News that the boxer has a deep connection with music. “Floyd has a huge passion for music that people don’t know about,” 50 explained. “It’s a big part of what makes him comfortable and takes his mind off of how hard he has to work to stay being the #1 fighter in the world.”

This week, Mayweather lost a bout to have his jail sentenced reduced to house arrest.

Mayweather’s legal team told the court this week that his personal physician, Dr. Robert Voy, visited the jail Friday and determined the fighter had lost muscle tone. Voy estimated Mayweather was consuming fewer than 800 calories a day instead of his usual 3,000 or 4,000 calories. Mayweather also wasn’t drinking enough because he wasn’t allowed bottled water and doesn’t enjoy tap water.

Look on the bright side Floyd. You got a gang of money waiting for you when you get home, and you saved money on your insurance.

2 responses to “50 Cent Says Floyd Mayweather Is Having a Hard Time In Jail

  1. Who cares if he’s not getting his calories maybe he should have thought about that before he hit his kids mother right in front of them. Idiot! u & 50cent is 2 fruit loops may u to live happily ever after….

  2. Money legal team,fight for the pretty boy to consume his usual calories. Make sure he stays fit,no matter what. Money Talks.

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