Love & Hip Hot Atlanta Recap

VH1’s show “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” premiered last night (June 18), and as expected, the drama is at an all-time high.

The tension between Lil’ Scrappy and his longtime girlfriend Erica is intensified, when his mother Momma Dee voices her concerns about their tumultuous relationship. Elsewhere in Atlanta, artists Rasheeda and K. Michelle attempt to restart their musical careers, while singer Karlie Redd attempts to break into the industry by working with former Diddy producer Stevie J.

Stevie is involved in a love triangle of his own, however, between his baby’s mother Mimi and artist Joseline Hernandez, a former stripper who refers to him as “Daddy.” Their working relationship is called into question when Karlie publicly reveals that she saw Stevie and Joseline kissing. While Stevie and Joseline attempt half-hearted denials, Mimi becomes furious, and a drink gets thrown.

Did you watch the premiere? What do you think?

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