Halle Berry Ordered to Pay $20k A Month In Child Support

Gabriel Aubrey has officially hit the jackpot!

For months now Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel have a been in a highly publicized custody war over their 4-year-old daughter, and things came to a head Wednesday (June 20th) when he was awarded $20,000 a month in child support. That’s nearly a quarter of a million dollars per year!

Gabriel requested that specific amount so that he could rent a home among other essentials to provide a proper environment to raise their little girl. There is currently a joint custody agreement in place, however, Halle is still petitioning the court to allow her to move to Paris with Nahla to live permanently with her and her fiance, Olivier Martinez.

Halle isn’t the only female star who had to dish out big bucks to their ex for child support. Back in 2008, Britney Spears was ordered to pay her ex-husband $20,000 a month plus pay his lawyer’s fees that totaled $250,000.

These men nowadays are not playing and they are definitely making a statement: We will not be treated like dispensable sperm donors. You chicks better be ready to break bread!

Kim Kardashian better be happy that Kanye has his own money!

Via People & TMZ

One response to “Halle Berry Ordered to Pay $20k A Month In Child Support

  1. Halle need to take a hiatus from men until she figure out why she is so attracted to punks.

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