Chris Brown Will Not Press Charges Against Drake

WORD HAS IT that Chris Brown has decided not to press charges against Drake or Meek Mill in the infamous bottle throwing incident at club W.i.P in New York.

Check out what Rhymes With Snitch is reporting:

“Chris and Drake don’t want to be in the same room as each other but neither of them want to get authorities involved,” the source says. “They aren’t going to press charges. The only people who will try to are the bystanders who want their fifteen minutes.”

We also confirmed that Drake was the one who wrote a nasty note to Chris about sleeping withRihanna — this is what started the brawl.

“It was Drake’s camp who started the fight,” the source tells us. “They are both in love with Rihanna and jealous of each other. They both hang out with some pretty tough dudes and things got out of control and Drake was definitely drunk as this was all going down.”

Another source confirms that Meek Mill, 25, stuffed the note into a bottle and threw at Chris giving him a gash on his chin.

This is messy on so many levels.  Drake must’ve been sippin on that Super Thug that night.  Drake and Breezy just need to go ahead and hop on a track together with Rihanna singing the hook.

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