Snoop Dogg’s Son Offered Football Scholarship to UCLA

After Diddy’s son faced criticism for a full-ride scholarship to UCLA, Cordell Broadus has been offered a scholarship to play football by the same university.

Broadus will enter his sophomore year at Diamond Bar High School this fall. He has played wide receiver and defensive back for the freshman team this past school year.

“We’re expecting him to really lead us the next three years,” Diamond Bar High School football coach Ryan Maine told ESPN. “Hopefully [our athletes] get bigger, stronger and keep leading this team.”

Last month, Diddy’s son Justin Combs was offered a full ride to the same college and was criticized, as some believed that the money should be allocated towards a student who came from a lower tax bracket.

Haters are gonna hate and ballers are gonna ball.  Shouldn’t we be applauding these young men for excelling on their own as opposed to striving to live off of their dads’ paychecks.  Congrats to them both!

One response to “Snoop Dogg’s Son Offered Football Scholarship to UCLA

  1. Ishmail Rajah Williams jnr

    On the real,that shows good parenting n oh yes the do deserve the scholarship, they pops are also invoved in some charities n besides they pay lotta tax from their pay checks!

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