Quincy Jones not Feeling P. Diddy

On Tuesday, Spotify, the greatest invention since the printing press, brought legendary music producer Quincy Jones in to launch a new app that features artist-curated playlists to make it easier for users to sort through their monstrous catalogue.

 While at the event, the biggest producer in the history of pop music took quite the dig at one of his fellow producing brethren, P.Diddy – for basically knowing nothing about music.

At the Spotify event an audience member asked a question to which Jones chastised people to “learn your craft.” Subsequently while speaking with Bruno Mars at the event, Jones said, “P. Diddy wouldn’t know a B-flat [if it hit him].” But he didn’t stop there, Jones took the opportunity to take a shot at Diddy’s many other non-musical ventures, “P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing…. He’s got clothes companies and Ciroc vodka.”

Damn Q tell us how you really feel. Take that,take that Diddy…

One response to “Quincy Jones not Feeling P. Diddy

  1. I don’t care for either of them, Q or Diddy……..it’s like the pot and kettle story to me

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