Chris Bosh Suing His Baby’s Mama?

Chris Bosh’s baby mama, Alision Mathis, has been waging a negative media campaign against the Miami Heat star, apparently in hopes of shaming him into increasing his child support payments. Well…oit looks like the absolute opposite happened.

Check out what are folks over at Rhymes With Snitch are reporting:

Allison has been speaking publicly about her difficulties surviving off the $2,700 a month Chris provides to support their daughter and announced to the media that she was applying for Food Stamps [click here if you missed that].

In a letter to Allision’s attorney, Chris’ attorney reminds Alli about the $250,000 cash settlement she received from Chris in 2010 and questions why she fails to mention the other expenses Chris picks up while she’s berating him to the media.

..What is noteworthy is that Mr. Bosh is paying Ms. Mathis the very amount that the Child Advocate, in Texas said that Trinity needs for her support and well being—just under $2,700 monthly. As the Texas Court said, [a]dditionally, [Mr. Bosh] agreed to pay 100% of [Trinity’s] expenses [and supplies] for preschool and for extracurricular and developmental activities. Mr. Bosh also provides Trinity with medical and dental insurance and, although the Court has not ordered him to do so, has established a fund to finance Trinity’s College Education.

In the interviews that you and Ms. Mathis have conducted, you have both conveniently neglected to mention these additional expenses that Mr. Bosh underwrites, all of which, in the aggregate, cost him far more than the $2,700 monthly base child support amount. You also conveniently neglected to mention in your interviews the $250k that Mr. Bosh gave Ms. Mathis in 2010. Stated clearly, you have both been as untruthful to the media as you have been disingenuous.

Allow me to be abundantly clear – If Ms. Mathis believes that she will force Mr. Bosh’s hand by continuing to engage in a media campaign, she is indeed misguided. Instead, with each false statement (and willful omission) Ms. Mathis makes to the media, she makes it less and less likely that Mr. Bosh will, at any time, afford her assistance that he isn’t legally obligated to provide.

Mr. Bosh will not extend his hand while Ms. Mathis clenches her fist. Please understand that Mr. Bosh has a very healthy sense of his responsibility to Trintiy. However just as Allison Mathis has no responsibility whatsoever to take care of Christopher Bosh, Christopher Bosh has no responsibility to take care of Allison Mathis.

Mr. Bosh works tirelessly at his career as an NBA Player in order to provide financial stability for he and his children (including Trinity). We suggest that Ms. Mathis begin to work tirelessly at a career of her choosing in order to assist, in some way, in providing financial stability for Trinity.

Ms. Mathis is not Mr. Bosh’s wife and, unlike Trinity, will not benefit from the fruits of his labor.

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