Beanie Sigel Receives Prison Sentence for Tax Evasion

In April of 2012, Dwight Grant, better known as Philly rapper Beanie Sigel, pled
guilty to three counts of failure to file income tax returns. is reporting that a judge has now  issued a federal prison sentence of 24 months to the rapper.  Beanie is being  ordered to pay $728,536 in back taxes to IRS for 1999-2005. Beanie apparently raked in over $2.2 million in taxable income during those years and only paid $10,000 in taxes. Part of his prison sentence is due to his lack of cooperation during the time his probation officer attempted to determine his financial condition. “For all we know, Grant has earned a significant sum of money and simply squirreled it away out of the reach of the government,” the sentencing memorandum reads.  “He would not even cooperate with the probation officer to permit a home visit, a most basic part of the pre-sentencing procedure.” The sentencing was also considered the rapper’s previous convictions and “his overall poor criminal history.”   The prison sentence comes as Beanie Sigel was working on a new album and plotting his recording career comeback.  Earlier this year in March, he signed a deal with Chris Schwart’s new EMI record label and released a mixtape titled, “Broad Street Empire Vol. 1:  Lost Files.”

Beanie has become part of an ever growing list of celebrities that refuse to pay
their taxes!  Beanie and his folks have yet to comment. But you can Pop the Hood
here and see what Beanie had to say after court when he pled guilty to the charges.

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