Update: Usher’s Stepson…Family Can’t Afford to Keep Him on Life Support Much Longer

Our prayers continue to be with Usher Raymond’s ex-wife’s son Kyle who is still on life support. His insurance will likely expire soon, meaning doctor’s will be forced to take him off.

Check out what TMZ is reporting:

Usher’s ex-wife — Tameka Raymond — will be forced to take her 11-year-old son off life-support as early as next month, TMZ has learned, all because his insurance coverage is about to expire. Sources close to the family tell TMZ … Tameka has not lost hope that her son, Kyle Glover, can make a drastic recovery … despite doctors declaring him brain dead last week following a jet ski accident. We’re told she is telling friends … she still believes in miracles. According to our sources, Tameka can only keep Kyle on life-support as long as her insurance company agrees to pay … otherwise she doesn’t have the funds to cover the enormous hospital bills. We’re told the insurance company hasn’t set a specific deadline, but they’ve made it clear … they’re only willing to shell out coverage for a couple months … tops. Our sources say that Usher — who helped raise Kyle for several years — has been incredibly supportive in this difficult time… but has NOT offered to pay for any medical bills. We’re told Tameka does not see him as a viable financial option. As TMZ first reported, Kyle was struck in the head by a jet ski while inner tubing on Lake Lanier — doctors declared him brain dead days later.

5 responses to “Update: Usher’s Stepson…Family Can’t Afford to Keep Him on Life Support Much Longer

  1. Oh so he ran to her son’s bedside for publicity, and was that really a friend of his that ran over the kid? Was it planned? I guess my feelings for Usher can remain the same. I was about to change my mind, but now I guess I was right after all.

    • Wtf are you talking about CourtneeB? He loves that little boy and I’m sure the insurance company isn’t covering everything now…Usher is most likely footing the bill. What are your thoughts about him since you seem to know so much??? What else can he do but be there to support the family? The man is not God and he can’t perform miracles! What else do you expect him to do?

      • @Cree Luv, you are right..Usher can do so much..and truth be told, the man who hit her son should help.Ain’t he supposed to be a friend of the family?

    • CourtneeB,

      You don’t sound too bright.

      • Brandy Breezy

        I was about to say the same thing? How in the hell did she make Usher out to be the bad guy? Twisted.

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