Ray J Wants Kim Kardashian To Remember Her Past

Somebody please get Ray J!  While Kim continues to collect checks and globe-trot with her bff/boyfriend Kanye West, Ray J isn’t about to let memories of their sex tape lay to rest.

Last night, after Kim tweeted the self-reflective tweet, “Keep life in a positive perspective. We are not defined by our pasts”.  Ray J retweeted her tweet and added three letters that were heard around the world”

‘L O L’

An hour and 30,000 retweets later,  he called into Power 106′s The LA Leakers show to explain what he meant by his  tweet:

It’s just a chuckle. I felt like it was real what was said [by Kim Kardashian] and I kind of laughed about it because it was just 100. So you know how you see some things and it’s 100 and you’re like, “Ahahaha (laughing) Retweet.”

When asked how he felt about Kim’s new relationship with Kanye West, Ray J Responded:

Man, you know what? I wish them the best! Life is a rollercoaster ride so you never know what’s going to happen but I wish them the best and much success to both of them. Man this whole thing is like a Magic Mountain experience.

This isn’t the first time, that Ray attempted to remind the world that he put ‘Kim’ on.  In his recent DVD release ‘Love, Sex and Hip-Hop’ Ray J said the infamous line, ‘I don’t hang with stars, I create stars’:

“I’m happy that you admire and acknowledge Kim. Congratulations on her success! I will put it like this, I don’t hang with stars, I create stars. Kim was created, Cocktail [‘For The Love of Ray J’] was created and now I’m off to the next project.”

 Way to try to cover that up Ray, but we know what you meant….

Pop the hood to listen to his Call In With The LA Leakers:

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