Rapper Mike Jones Drastic weight loss

It’s been almost 10 years since Mike Jones annoyingly pimped out his phone number hit the scene with Back Then, but the Houston rapper has once again become quite the topic of discussion (and it has nothing to do with his music).

Mr. Jones has dropped over 100 pounds, and judging by his tweets, he’s pretty damn proud of it. He’s hit up Twitter quite a bit to share weight loss photos with his followers, but not everyone is impressed.


His drastic change in appearance has a lot of people assuming the worst for the rapper. Just type in ‘Mike Jones’ on Twitter and you’ll see theory after theory. Everything from doing crack, testing positive for HIV, and being stricken with cancer; you name it, apparently, Mike’s got it.

He insists it’s all healthy weight loss though, and isn’t here for the ‘haters.’

Let me ask the ones who want me big this question? If I gain it back will u still hate or show love? Cuz when I was big y’all was hatin!

Mike We ain’t mad at you homie we are only mad at your gym attire.What’s up with the terrorist scarf on your head?? That’s all we want to know. Who wears that to the gym unless you are a WWF wrestler.

Pop the hood on Mike Jones’s work out ensemble.

Old School MJ video



The homie Mike Jones must be on that new Kendrick Perkins regiment.



4 responses to “Rapper Mike Jones Drastic weight loss

  1. what in thee hell? no bueno

  2. Mercedes Jean-Louis

    this nigga looks like he was on a crack diet.. this is not attractive at all.. well he aint never been hot but damn

  3. where is mike jones he looks like little wayne he needs to gain about 30 lbs

  4. I supported Mikle Jones when he hit the scene, and I still say #salute to dude if he’s still doing his thang. However; it is just clearly my opinion but I have a lot of experience with the males in my family and friends that have or had the HIV and amazingly, the weight loss look is very similar to that of what Mike Jones looks like today. I’m not a hater so I won’t ASSUME the man has anything! It was rumored years ago that a big rapper in Houston had the virus and if it was him. it’s been enough years, for the virus to start to cause the weight loss and the “sinking in” look in the face. Again, I won’t say the man has anything but the reality is that his so called “healthy” weight loss, is just not looking very healthy, or good at all. #IJS

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