Tiki Barber Marries His Mistress 8 Days After Divorce

In the latest edition of “The Ratchet Files”, former New York Giants running back  Tiki Barber, 37, married his mistress  girlfriend, Traci Lynn Johnson, 23, just 8 days after the divorce from his wife Ginny of 11 years was finalized.

Barber discarded his then-wife in 2010 while she was eight months pregnant with their twins for Johnson, a Maxim model and former NBC intern while he was working on the “Today Show”

“It’s a great day,” a beaming Tiki said on the way in. “We’re finally getting married.”

The two were originally planning to get married May 12th in the Hamptons but the wedding had to be called off because Barber’s divorce had yet to be finalized.

This past Thursday, 8 days after his divorce was final the two exchanged their “I Do’s” at the City Clerk’s office accompanied by a few of the couples close friends and family along with Barber’s twin brother Ronde.

We’re sure it won’t be long before this marriage is a wrap. If he left his wife while she was 8 months pregnant with twins, there no telling what he will do to you. But please don’t break out the tears when he drops you for the next hot chick because you will get no sympathy around here.


One response to “Tiki Barber Marries His Mistress 8 Days After Divorce

  1. So when she gain a pound and that face of hers wrinkles…God forbid she gets pregnant and her nose spreads along with the rest of her, who will replace her?

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