Janet Jackson Gets Into Altercation With Niece Paris?

We have absolutely NO idea what is going on in the Jackson family, but it is crazy. According to Radar Online, Janet Jackson and Paris got into a little altercation.

Apparently Janet and her brothers are trying to take control over Michael Jackson’s kids (and the fortune that Michael left them). Paris is refusing to play along . . . and they’re fighting.

Here’s what they’re sayin:

Paris got into a scuffle with her aunt Janet upon entering the house because she told Paris she had to stop posting family information on Twitter. Janet physically tried to take Paris’ cell phone from her, but she wouldn’t give it up.

It was just a very, very unfortunate situation that didn’t need to occur. If Katherine isn’t physically capable of taking care of the kids anymore, then the courts are going to get involved, and very quickly. The kids can’t be caught in the middle of the ongoing drama of the Jackson family, period

3 responses to “Janet Jackson Gets Into Altercation With Niece Paris?

  1. Janet should have went Joe Jackson on her, How you tell yo aunt no ou cant have my phone. lil girl would have got popped where she stood, and bet you I would have had that phone lol.

  2. I would have went joe jackson all way and after i did that i would have went debo on her and the phone wouldve been mine

  3. Everyone should stay out of their business;they’re no different from any other family that’s going through problems. It’s all about trying to take control over someone else money “the devils seed”.

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