Oprah Interviews Rihanna For ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’

Oprah sits down with music superstar Rihanna on her home island of Barbados, where it all began.

Check out what The Urban Daily is reporting:

Pop star Rihanna is one of the most intriguing celebrities on the scene right now. At least, that’s what Oprah thinks. Oprah Winfrey is going to be interviewing Rihanna for OWN Network’s Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Rihanna and Oprah are sure to talk about Rihanna’s humble island roots and how she got started in the music industry. Oprah will discuss Rihanna’s five Grammy wins and 11 #1 singles along with the controversies she’s gone through in her seven year career. Hopefully, the Chris Brown incident isn’t a heavily covered subject considering Rihanna has likened talking about the assault to beating a dead horse. Her words.

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