Love & Hip Hop ATL cast changes

Word on the street is “As The HOOD Turns” is getting ready to get a cast make-over.

While there hasn’t been an “official” announcement, it’s obvious that there WILL be a season 2 negotiated for the top rated show and word on the curb is that there will also be a few cast changes the next go round.

Rasheeda and her hubby Kirk Frost have been ride or die for each other for years but the stress and pressure of the show is slowing tearing their once strong relationship to shreds.

We heard several months ago that Kirk really wasn’t feeling the way he was being portrayed on the show and that he almost immediately regretted signing up.

That being said, Kirk will always continue to stand by his wife when it comes to her career goals and the pair would rather split up on air than in “real life,” so guess what that means?

Rasheeda stays and Kirk goes. Kirk isn’t willing to play the reality show game so he’s stepping back in order to let Rasheeda shine.

Ok. Now…. here’s the real scoop!

Right before the season started a few sudden cast changes were made ie Atlanta rapper Diamond abruptly quit the show because the Lord told her to.

Well it appears that Miss. 32 Flavors had a change of heart and now she’s recruited her on again/off again sponsor boyfriend Soulja Boy to take part in the festivities.

Looks like we will have even more ratchetness to talk about next season. Thanks Ladies!

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