Family does NOT support new Aaliyah project according to her brother

Over the past few weeks there has been talks of an Aaliyah posthumous album (executive produced by Drake and his producing partner Noah ’40′ Shebib) as well as talks of a biopic which has been going on for years. Then there has been the discussions on whether Missy Elliott and Timbaland, who produced the bulk of Aaliyah’s ‘One In A Million’ album, should be involved in the project.

Truthfully, we could probably all agree that an Aaliyah album at this point would be sketchy, no matter who produces it. All of the material she recorded is over a decade old and are probably leftover scraps that didn’t make her album or unfinished songs. Case in point: Her verses on the newly released track, ‘Enough said‘ with Drake sound as though they were unfinished.

At any rate, her brother Rashad, hopped on her facebook page yesterday and claimed there is no Aaliyah album in the works that is endorsed by her family.

That’s confusing since her label’s logo (ran by her uncle Barry Hankerson) was included on the official artwork that was released. That track was definitely endorsed by the label. This could have all been Rashad’s way of saying that the project (which may be in production) is not supported by her immediate family.

Over on Miss Info, a solid source told her that the posthumous project is in the works and Timbaland is producing at least two songs.

As much as we miss Aaliyah she left us with enough good music so new sub-par songs don’t have to be released. That’s just our opinion. Then again who are we?

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