Metta World Peace a Vampire?

Los Angeles Lakers forward/rapper Metta World Peace has signed on to play a vampire in a new comedy series titled “Real Vampire Housewives.”

The original scripted series will feature Metta World Peace as “a gregarious and overly sexual vampire elder.”

The “Real Vampire Housewives” series follows a group of women who are married to vampires.

The show focuses on the women’s devious exploits during the day, while their vampire husbands rest at night.

Metta World Peace will play the vampire “Gossamer,” according to producer Robert A. Parada of Streetwise Entertainment.

“Metta is charismatic, very funny, one of a kind on and off the court and throws himself into everything he does,” Parada said in a statement. “All of these are traits you’d expect from one of these mythical creatures.”

The independent series, which is slated to begin shooting this fall, is being co-produced with writer/director Andre Jetmir.

“Robert mentioned Metta World Peace and it was yes in an instant. Metta is perfect as a vampire; he is physically intimidating in an Alpha-male way, very charming, a little mischievous and he has a raw sexuality I think most actors try to find when they play a vampire,” Jetmir said.

Do Vampires give elbows?

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