Chad & Evelyn Maybe On The Hook For $90,000

First comes love.. then comes marriage.. then a domestic violence charge, divorce and VH1 cancellation.

Chad and Evelyn’s fairytale ended after just 41 days but the drama continues on.

The island of St. Maarten were the two tied the knot on July 4th may be preparing to take legal action against the estranged couple for a $90,000 contract breach.

Johnson and Lozada entered into a contract with the government of St. Maarten and received approximately $90,000 for their wedding under the agreement to have their wedding aired on VH1. If the wedding aired as agreed upon, St. Maarten would have received more publicity that would further boost the island’s tourism economy.

However, due to the recent domestic dispute, VH1 has pulled the plug on the reality series “Ev and Ocho,” which was going to follow the lives of the couple, including their recent wedding.

According to SMN News, two Members of Parliament, one of which is supporting the current coalition government practically forced the current coalition government to make the monies available to Johnson and Lozada.

Reliable sources within the government said that the two Members of Parliament were supposedly getting a kick back from the monies government invested Chad and Evelyn’s wedding. The source also said one particular MP has connections in the United States and made commitments with the couple and other political heads in the US.

Finance Minister Roland Tuitt confirmed that St. Maarten invested approximately $90,000.00 in the wedding. Tuitt also confirmed that if the series is not aired that St. Maarten will go ahead and retrieve the monies they invested in Chad and Evelyn’s wedding.

When it rains it pours, hopefully Chad and Ev have those high-priced lawyers on stand by because from the looks of things they are going to need them


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